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Please visit to donate to the Library through a secure site.

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Visit us and make a donation at any Library. Find your closest Library here.

Your Library Store is a great way to donate or buy products that support the Calgary Public Library.

Other ways to give below: Donate Books, Leave a Library Legacy, Donate Stock and Securities and Donate Your Car

About the Foundation

Calgary Public Library Foundation
2nd Floor - Memorial Park Library
1221 2nd Street SW
Calgary AB T2R 0W5

Phone: 403-221-2002
Fax: (403) 234-8763

Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Please use the back door and ring the Foundation buzzer outside of Library hours

Charitable Registration Number 87292-3537-RR-0001

Important Documents

Year in Review
Financial Statement

Year in Review
Financial Statement
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Financial Statement
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CRA T3010 Full View

2010 Financial Statement
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2009 Financial Statement
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The Calgary Public Library Foundation’s sole purpose is to ensure through fundraising that the citizens of Calgary have the best public Library in the world.

Our Promise

Treat our donors well
Respect donated funds
Innovate fundraising practices

Strategic Directions

Enable Discovery

  • Elevate the cause of the Calgary Public Library in the hearts and minds of Calgarians
  • Build a distinct and effective Foundation brand

Enable Investment

  • Enlarge the donor base and become a foundation of choice for giving in Calgary
  • Leverage the assets of the Library and Foundation to increase giving
  • Build partnerships for the net benefit of the Library, the Foundation, the Donor Organization and most importantly the citizens of Calgary

Enable Leadership

  • Be a leader for change in Library fundraising in Calgary and beyond
  • Maintain an active and engaged Board dedicated to the mission
  • Share our practices for the benefit of non-profits everywhere
  • Benchmark all our activities quarterly for fast analysis and opportunities to pivot

Ways to Give

Donate Stock and Securities

The Calgary Public Library Foundation is pleased to accept gifts of marketable stock and securities. You can download this form and please email or call Paul McIntyre Royston at 403-355-3302 or for any questions.

Leave a Library Legacy

The Calgary Public Library Foundation welcomes legacy gifts such as bequests, charitable gift annuities, life insurance and RRSP/RRIFs. We recommend you connect with your financial advisor on the best way to leave a Library legacy.

  • Bequest The most common type of planned gift is a charitable bequest made in a will. A bequest can take the form of cash, securities, asset, donation of all or residue of the estate. Charitable receipts up to 100% of the your net income can be claimed as a charitable donation in the year of death (and preceding year, if necessary). A charitable bequest can produce a considerable tax savings.
  • Charitable Gift Annuity Allows you to make an irrevocable donation of cash or investments to a charity while providing a guaranteed fixed income for life. The key with a charitable gift annuity is determining the amount of after-tax income you require. An immediate tax receipt is available for the portion of the gift that is donated to the Calgary Public Library Foundation. The payments are fixed for life, and depending on the age, a substantial portion of the income may be tax-free. A charitable gift annuity avoids probate taxes to the estate upon death.
  • Life Insurance Life insurance can be an excellent vehicle for charitable giving. Charitable donations can be made through an existing or new life insurance policy. This can be done one of three ways:
  1. Donating an existing life insurance policy – name the Calgary Public Library Foundation as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy
  2. Purchase a new policy designating the Calgary Public Library Foundation as the owner and irrevocable beneficiary
  3. Donate a policy through your will naming the Calgary Public Library Foundation as beneficiary.

There are also three ways to receive benefits:

  1. You may be eligible for a tax credit for the donation of an insurance policy, provided the Library Foundation is the owner and irrevocable beneficiary of the policy at the time of the donation
  2. You will receive a tax receipt for your policy annual premium payments and the Calgary Public Library Foundation will receive the life insurance proceeds for that policy upon death
  3. Upon death, your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of the life insurance policy

RRSP / RRIF Many people have significant assets in their RRSPs and RRIFs. Naming your spouse as the designated beneficiary of those plans will defer the tax liability. However, on death of the surviving spouse, the full proceeds of the RRSP/RRIF will be taxed as income in the year of death. In this instance, naming the Calgary Public Library Foundation as the beneficiary will offset the tax and will eliminate the probate fees related to the estate plan. Your estate will receive a donation receipt for the full amount of the gift. You will save probate fees and any assets that pass directly to the beneficiary without probate will remain private and confidential unlike those distributed through a will.

Donate Books The Calgary Public Library Foundation accepts donations of books, please click here for all the details.

Buy or Sell Your Home The Calgary Public Library Foundation has partnered with Agents of Change, which pairs homeowners with real estate professionals. To start your search, visit and request a referral. Agents of Change will source a talented agent for your needs and 20% of the commission is directed back to the Library. You may also speak with someone in person at 1-800-748-5608 ext. 100.

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Donate Your Car The Calgary Public Library Foundation has partnered with Donate A Car Canada to accept vehicle donations. To donate a car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to the Foundation simply fill out the DONATE NOW tab at A Donate A Car representative will contact you after you submit your requese to confirm pickup or delivery. When you donate your car it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location. Donate A Car Canada will look after everything to make your donation easy to enable you to support the Calgary Public Library Foundation.