Add In. The Campaign for Calgary's Library.

Add In—the Campaign for Calgary’s Library, is a bold and transformational initiative to invest in the potential of all Calgarians and the future of our city. The catalyst for Add In is the New Central Library, a distinctive place that will reflect Calgary’s aspirations as a global city, inspire discovery, promote learning and foster community interaction. Add In will secure the financial investment necessary to transform the Calgary Public Library into the best public library system in the world—and create an enduring legacy for generations of Calgarians.

Guided by the strategic directions of the Calgary Public Library and extensive public input by Calgarians, Add In aims to:

  1. Realize the full potential of a bold New Central Library that is the leader and hub of a progressive city-wide library system.
  2. Invest strategically in community libraries to accelerate their ability to respond to local needs within the neighbourhoods they serve and help Calgary's communities to thrive.
  3. Develop the best public library system in the world.

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Add Information. Build Personal Capacity.

Information is the bedrock of the Library and opens up a world of insight and expertise to all who enter its doors. By building on this foundation, the Library accelerates and establishes lifelong learning opportunities, ensuring that the pursuit of knowledge is within reach for all Calgarians. As our most treasured resource, knowledge fuels human potential, secures economic prosperity and increases quality of life. The Library provides the content—books, electronic resources, music and more—required to grow, thrive and prosper.

Add Inspiration. Explore Endless Opportunity.

Inspiration nurtures the child in all of us. With a special focus on children from 0-5, the Library champions lifelong learning and nurtures people to become informed, enlightened and engaged citizens of the community at large. Enriching individual lives improves the culture in a city—and is a hallmark of greatness. It sparks creativity, creates a sense of belonging and increases quality of life. The Library allows people to explore, express and navigate the world around them through myriad programs and events.

Add Imagination. Create Remarkable Spaces.

Imagination is where visionary thinking becomes reality. In the next four years, 21 learning campuses will span across Calgary, providing vital spaces for people to gather and learn together. With more than 800 nonprofit partners, including major cultural institutions in our city, the Library enables all Calgarians to live richer lives and builds community. As the glue that binds us, community ensures shared ownership of the place we call home and fosters connections. The Library is an active placemaker that provides equal access to resources and contributes to the equitable development of all Calgary neighbourhoods.

Add Innovation. Harness Future Technology.

Innovation makes our city one of the best places in in the world to live. Always at the forefront of technology, the Calgary Public Library was the first in Canada to start lending music in 1947. The Library continually advances to provide Calgarians access to the latest and greatest—benefiting an entire city and creating leadership within our city, country and the world. The Library offers all Calgarians the ability to access and discover the technology required for personal and professional success.

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