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Reaching Calgarians through multiple mediums to read, learn and grow.

Marketing serves to support the Calgary Public Library’s mission and vision by enhancing our image, upholding our reputation and reaching Calgarians in meaningful ways. We provide promotional guidance, marketing awareness and communications expertise to our network of branches and to our employees.

The Marketing Mission Reflected in Storytime

Calgarians are diverse in age, ethnicity and gender. The Library has something for everyone and it is Marketing’s challenge to showcase this to Calgarians. For a quick and fun understanding of the diversity and scope of the Library’s collections, check out our all-encompassing Storytime commercial.

Once upon a time…

Media Inquiries and Questions

For all media or marketing inquiries, please email or call either 403.774.7256 or 403.260.2640.

Logo and Brand Standards

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Current Campaigns

Diving Into Everything, Feet First -- Phase I

Using a multi-layered targeted marketing strategy, this campaign was designed to show Calgarians that the Library indeed has everything they are into. Marketing depicted this by creating diverse “personalities” and what they were into using the Library’s iconic purple bag. What was in someone’s bag defined what they were into, which promoted every part of our extensive collections. To complement the Calgary Public Library brand, the tagline “Everything You’re Into” was developed to capture the subject depth of our collections and expertise of our staff. Using a multi-layered, targeted marketing strategy, the popular ‘Feet Campaign’ was designed to show individual Calgarians that the Library indeed has everything they’re into.

The ads connect with Calgarians, specifically future users who may have misconceptions about what a modern Library can offer them, making them rethink their Library. Each ad embodies a Library customer, showcasing their varied interests through diverse and colourful ‘personalities’ cleverly depicted in the materials filling their iconic purple Library bags. The bag contents were designed not only to garner a laugh or raise an eyebrow, but also to encourage people to look at the ads longer, pick up the nuances of each personality and perhaps further identify with that customer.

Ads, such as the examples shown below, were visible on billboards, Calgary transit platforms and buses. In addition, they were placed in various targeted print media including Broadway Across Canada, Calgary Opera and Alberta Ballet program guides, Avenue, Impact, Calgary’s Child, City Palette, Calgary Herald, Apple, Swerve, Wedding Bells and others.

Diving Into Everything, Feet First -- Phase II

For the next phase of the campaign, Marketing focused on the Library’s relevance in pop culture as well as special niche interests. Some of the ad “personalities” reflected current pop culture sensations. For example, the specially produced creative for Cineplex Theatres was timed with blockbuster releases such as Rock of Ages, The Dark Knight Rises and Breaking Dawn Part II. The remainder of the personalities reflected many customers’ specialized interests and hobbies, including gardening, wedding information, running, cooking and others.

The ads below were visible on Calgary transit platforms and billboards. They were also placed in various targeted print media including Broadway Across Canada and Alberta Ballet programs, Avenue, Impact, Calgary’s Child, City Palette, Calgary Bridal Guide, Luxe, Apple and many others.

Diving Into Everything, Feet First -- Phase III Makes You Re-Think Your Calgary Public Library

Ads appeared throughout the city on train platforms, in movie theatres during the preshow, in lounge washrooms as classic boards, in local magazines including Avenue, as well as commercials on Lite 95.9 and Virgin 98.5 with complementary big-box, click-thru and mobile ads. New to our placements, ads are wrapping tables in Mac Hall at the University of Calgary campus.

Local VIPs Show What They're Into

In an exciting twist, the current feet campaign features some of Calgary’s most recognizable VIPs. From sports stars and Olympians to culinary masters and newscasters, their bags not only reveal what they’re into, but also who they are! Blanketing the city with targeted placements, Calgarians guessed who was featured in each ad for a chance to win access to an exclusive event – The Reveal – where the VIP identities were unveiled, including Mayor Nenshi, Jill Belland, Michael Noble, Jean Grand-Maitre, Jamie Sale and Craig Conroy. To top it off, two customers won their own "Everything You’re Into" ad placed throughout Calgary.

The Advocacy Campaign

Striving to influence policy makers and passion players on the unequivocal importance of public libraries in anchoring cities’ arts and culture, building community and fostering a love for life-long learning through literacy is significant. To do this, we launched an introspective advocacy campaign by defining key roles of the Library and presenting them like dictionary definitions to successfully reach decision makers and passion players. The concepts played not only on the literary leadership of the Library, but also relayed the Library’s many roles as a social network, partner, equalizer, muse, dream maker and educator to every citizen through an emotional connection.

These print ads were run in specialized magazines including Alberta Oil, Alberta Venture, Municipal World, Avenue, Alberta Views and Business in Calgary.

As a secondary component, commercials were created to translate the messages into tangible scenarios that illustrated the emotional connection many customers have with the Calgary Public Library.

The Emmy-award winning (nine of them) drama, Downton Abbey, enters its fourth season on KSPS this winter and the Library is touching the more than 24 million viewers with our advocacy commercials, which run for the duration of the season, as well as on other popular programs including Antiques Roadshow, Nature and NOVA.

Watch our commercials on the Library’s YouTube channel or catch them during the shows: Calgary Public Library’s 2013 Advocacy Commercial Campaign

The Growing Readers Campaign

One of the Library’s greatest resources is its “Growing Readers” programs for babies, pre-schoolers and toddlers. These services develop the five areas that are essential to fostering pre-reading skills – talking, singing, reading, writing and playing. As a strong promoter of early literacy, the Library has many interactive and fun Storytime programs for parents and their children that will prepare them to learn how to read, set the foundation for lifelong learning and foster a love of reading at an early age. To promote this exciting resource, we created a series of exclusive Growing Readers commercials that demonstrate the importance of developing a toddler’s pre-reading skills.

Click on the links below to view the Calgary Public Library Growing Readers PSA series as seen on our YouTube channel.