Hot Off the Press: September 2011

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The Unwritten Rules, by Beeson, John

Maximize your chances to get promoted to the executive level.

What Color is Your Parachute? Guide to Job-Hunting Online, by Bolles, Mark Emery

This companion to What Color Is Your Parachute?, the best-selling job-hunting book in the world, has been completely rewritten for our changing times and includes hundreds of updated website recommendations and descriptions.

Dig This Gig : Find Your Dream Job-- Or Invent It, by Dodd, Laura

With poignant, enlightening advice from handpicked mentors like two-time "New York Times" bestseller Jeffrey Sachs and broadcast journalist Dan Rather, this collection is an essential contemporary career book for bewildered recent graduates.

LinkedIn For Dummies, by Elad, Joel

Learn to: create a LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills and attracts contacts, find and connect with former colleagues and new contacts, understand LinkedIn etiquette and recruiting solutions, use LinkedIn to find a job, develop sales leads, and market your services.

Green Volunteers: The World Guide to Voluntary Work in Nature Conservation, by Ausenda, Fabio

Interested in nature and conservation? Want to get involved with a conservation project as part of a gap year or career break? Green Volunteers is an easy-to-use resource for anyone interested in working in nature conservation - whether you have any previous experience of conservation work or not.

Med School Rx : Getting In, Getting Through, Getting on With Doctoring, by Hartwig, Walter Carl

Dr. Walter Hartwig, a medical school admissions advisor, has helped thousands of students over the years, and now he shares this wisdom in this unique book.

The Google résumé, by McDowell, Gayle Laakmann

This book is the only book available on how to win a coveted spot at Google, Microsoft, Apple, or other top tech firms. Gayle Laakmann McDowell worked in Google Engineering for three years, where she served on the hiring committee and interviewed over 120 candidates.

Best In Books: September

by Roberta

This month’s book review of Step-by-Step Resumes is by local career and employment consultant Samantha Schellenberg. This resume book is one of the few that includes a CD Rom with a variety of templates, has been revised and updated, and is available to borrow from the Calgary Public Library.


What does Step-by-Step Resumes – 2nd Edition offer that is truly unique among resume writing books? Multiple-industry relevance. No matter your occupation, industry or job title, thousands of word and phrase options are included to enrich and accelerate your resume writing process. These thorough and robust word lists – often difficult to find in other books – are available at your fingertips. Plan to capitalize on customizable ClipBullets, featured in print and CD Rom, as an additional highlight.

Author Evelyn Salvador takes a holistic approach – and includes everything necessary to write your own professional resume from scratch without the cost of professional advice. Each step in her 10 Step Process is thoroughly outlined and explained. Industry specific samples and questionnaires are included to help identify skills and accomplishments. Templates are provided to jump-start profiles, summaries, cover letters and personal branding features. Format and design guidelines for print and electronic transmission are detailed in a full editing segment.

Do expect, however, to find small type-print on larger pages, which may not be ideal for every reader, along with some minor American-Canadian style discrepancies when compared with other local resources. For example, in Canada, Functional resumes that include a work history section (such as the one included in the book) tend to be referred to as Combination resumes instead. Nonetheless, I would not pass up this resource without considering all it has to offer. Salvador has compiled an excellent tool for Canadian job seekers who are courageous enough to begin the process, step by step.

Samantha Schellenberg, Director, Choice Works Rehabilitation Solutions Ltd.
Alberta Employment & Immigration Career Development Workshop Facilitator, Designer and Presenter.

Research Employers with Reference USA: Canadian Businesses

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Employer research is a vital part of the job search process. Successful job hunters are often those who do the most research in finding information on their field, occupations and especially in researching potential employersthe companies or organizations and contacts for whom they would like to work.

The Calgary Public Library has a large collection of both general and specific company and organization directories. Our Reference USA: Canadian Businesses database is hands down our most popular source for lists of potential employers.

Reference USA: Canadian Businesses is a comprehensive database of Canadian businesses, both large and small, organizations and more. The database can be searched by industry, keyword, location (province, city and even postal code), and results can be narrowed down by business size and financial data.

Once you've completed your search, you can easily create your own contact list in spreadsheet format containing the company or organization listings and any of the details (address, company size, contact names) to save to your flash or hard drive.

Calgary Public Library members can access Reference USA: Canadian Businesses with their library card number on any computer from our website:

  1. Click on the E-Library link at the top of our homepage
  2. Click on the Business, Directories, Investment & Careers link
  3. Click Reference USA: Canadian Businesses (near the bottom of the page)
  4. Once you are logged in to our site with your library card and PIN numbers, choose the Canadian Businesses link to get started.

If you need some help using the database, please visit any library location, call us at 403-260-2782 or contact us by email at or by logging onto InfoChat on the left hand side of this page. The Reference USA video tutorial is helpful:

Revamping Your Career Path

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Barbara Moses, Ph.D, an international speaker, work/life expert, and best-selling author, recently wrote a fascinating article on career reinvention.

Singing A New Tune: Revamping Your Career Path
Globe & Mail, August 19, 2011

A self-styled "mother of reinvention," singer Madonna has constantly changed her wardrobe, performance style and music to stay ahead of the curve. But look a little closer and she is still an entertainer selling sex.

From Spice Girls singer to fashion designer, Victoria Beckham is another famously touted career re-inventor. But actually she has been a clothes horse from the time she was young, and simply used her celebrity status and interest in fashion to turn what was always a hobby into a business.

Neither of these so-called career re-inventors really reinvented herself. Rather, in their different ways, they both renewed themselves by building on things that were already part of who they are. Madonna repackaged herself again and again, while Ms. Beckham reoriented her skills to capitalize on a passion.

Both celebrities offer a lesson for those who have strong desires to reinvent themselves. It's a desire that rears itself especially at this time of the year when workers return from vacation and are confronted with the same old assignments, petty office politics and feelings that they are working too hard for too little. They imagine more glamorous lives with greater appreciation, recognition and money, a better boss and more interesting work. In essence, they want to transform their lives into something completely new and shiny.

But that is not do-able. Instead, they should think more like Madonna and Ms. Beckham, who provide models not for reinvention, but for successful career renewal. (Click here for her full article)

Find Dr. Moses' books, including the popular What Next? Find the Work That's Right For You, at the Calgary Public Library