Mastering Calgary's Unspoken Work Rules

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Mastering Calgary's Unspoken Work Rules

Are you new to the job market in Calgary or Canada? Do you sometimes find it a challenge to figure out how to succeed at work? Join Matt Adolphe, author of Canadian Workplace Culture, as he offers insights into how to navigate Canada's conflict averse culture.

Thursday, February 20
5:30 to 6:30 p.m.
Central Library

The book makes for great reading, and offers insights into how workers are unaware of the unspoken, unwritten rules of workplace conduct. As the book summary reminds us, not knowing those rules can be the beginning of an employees undoing; breaking them, making the wrong impression on new peers can stand in the way of promotions and success in the workplace. This book explains the 10, generally unspoken, rules that enable employees to the workplace to fit in, become accepted and succeed. You'll discover why, in a non-assertive environment it is so important to put the feelings of others first, avoid conflict, be diplomatic, and build the strong rapport with colleagues that leads to success in the workplace.

Our careers team at the Calgary Public Library recently chatted with Matt to find out more about the process of putting the book together:

Matt, what prompted you to write the book?

I have a passion for helping people succeed. And I believe people must have the right tools in order to be successful. In this case, many people asked me how they could be a good fit for the job market here. After reviewing available literature, I realized that a clear and accessible hand book was needed to help people find the answer for this question.

In your opinion, how much is someone’s success at work dependent upon understanding and adapting to varying workplace cultures?

Very important. As we know, Canada is a wonderfully diverse country and within it are different cultures living and working side by side. Having said that, I just wanted to give people a picture of the expectations traditionally owned and operated Canadian companies have. And even though the cultures in companies may vary from place to place, there are still some general connections we can make. In the end, to survive you need to adapt to your environment. And in order to adapt, you need tools. I hope this book gives people some of the tools they need to be more successful in their work environment in Canada.

Matt, you have a very interesting career path. How did it help support the research for the book?

I have always been fascinated with history and culture, and that fascination has guided me throughout my studies, travels and work. As a result, I think this background helps me to see a culture in an objective way. And when I came back to Canada, after living overseas for years, I was able to see Canada from a completely different perspective—from the eyes of a newcomer. That is ultimately when the book started to take shape. If people want to get a job and keep a job, they need to know those unspoken rules in the workplace.

This program will start promptly at 5:30, and will be followed by our regular Thursday evening Strategic Networking session. And if you would like someone to review your resume, don't forget that our Career Coaching program also starts at 6:00 p.m.


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