"You're Hired...Now What? An Immigrant's Guide to Success"

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"You're Hired...Now What? An Immigrant's Guide to Success in the Canadian Workplace" by Lynda Goldman is a thorough and comprehensive resource that offers newcomers practical tips and strategies on how to keep their job and succeed at it once hired. Many newcomers are not aware that they are about to enter a different business culture and will most likely encounter behaviours and habits that will surprise or puzzle them. This book provides them with information on the cultural differences in the Canadian workplace and thus increase their success at keeping their job.

I would highly recommend this book for people who work with newcomers and for employers who hire workers from diverse cultures. Besides offering tips and advice on the more overt business practices in Canada, such as the infamous firm handshake, the author put a considerable amount of effort into researching and sharing minute details of the types of situations newcomers may encounter in their new Canadian workplace environment. For example, she covers how to tip porters and bellhops at North American hotels when travelling. I would never have thought of covering this detail in my workshop to newcomers on managing the Canadian workplace! In another chapter, a newcomer is made aware of the different types of outfits to wear for different industry or business events. The author also does not hesitate to cover issues such as proper hygiene, office romance, religion practices and other sensitive topics.

Each chapter highlights a specific and interesting Canadian business concept. Although the language used in the book is more geared to native English speakers, the author thoughtfully includes a section in each chapter listing buzz words that may be foreign to newcomers. Did you know that according to the Oxford ESL Dictionary there is a difference in meaning between the sounds Uh-huh and Uh-uh? Each chapter concludes with a set of questions that could be used to generate discussions on the topics presented.

Newcomers new to the Canadian workplace face many challenges, but with the information provided in "You're Hired...Now What?" they will acquire the awareness of the differences in their new workplace and hopefully be prepared to better understand and deal with these differences. I congratulate Ms. Goldman on her foresight to write a book with information invaluable to newcomers and Canadian employers alike.

Lidia Bomba-Sorbo is a Career Practitioner for the Centre for Newcomers and has been volunteering for the Career Coaching program at the Central Library for several years. Lidia facilitates workshops for newcomers on e-job search tools training and Canadian workplace training with a focus on cultural differences as well as one-on-one interventions.


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