The T-Cover Letter Strikes Again

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Last week we blogged about the T-Cover Letter—a cover letter style that is enormously popular with hiring managers. Our Strategic Networking volunteer Debbie Mastel has forwarded us another example of how one of our customers used the T-Cover Letter format to successfully find work:

"The T Cover letter is the most effective cover letter I have come across in my entire professional career. It was introduced to me by Debbie in one of the strategic networking sessions I attended at the library. From the time I heard about it, it really did strike me and I know it was the correct formula I needed to grab employer attention. By that time I was around just 5 weeks in Canada and everything was new to me. I was quick enough to change my formats to T letter and also customize my resume to go with that.

Within a week I got an interview at a Big Oil & a Gas Company, and another one at a IT company. I almost got the Oil & Gas job, and the Hiring manager was complimentary of my cover letter. After about 2 weeks I got an interview at DeVry University and now I am working there.

I am glad to say I attended that networking session and met Debbie, where I learned all about the best secret in finding employment—the T cover letter. Thanks to it, I am now working in less than 12 weeks from moving to Canada. I think it’s a great tool and many people should start using it, it also helps you focus and identify your suitability to the job and helps you easily focus on applying for a specific job target rather than being too general."

Have you had success with the T-Cover Letter? We want to hear about it.
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See the previous blog post for more examples about the T-Cover Letter format: The T-Cover Letter.

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by Anonymous

I have never seen this format before, but I am very intrigued! I am tempted to try this method out. Not only would it make things straightforward for the person reviewing my submission, but it would also be a pretty handy way for the applicant to quickly yet effectively create position-specific cover letters. I am sure this would also stand-out and get noticed. Very interesting!

by Debbie Mastel
I just received another e-mail today about the T-Cover letter. The fellow who wrote it, was talking about his recent interview and he said "......Believed me, she was so impressed with your T-Covering letter. To her, the covering letter is great. I must say THANK YOU FOR THIS!" I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be getting an offer next!

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