Self-Sabotaging Your Career?

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Are you new to Canada within the last 3 years, and looking for strategies and advice on how to tackle the local job market? On Saturday, October 25th, the Calgary Public Library is pleased to partner with local career specialists to offer a full day session entitled Career Strategies for Newcomers. This unique workshop is designed to help you:

  1. Learn the importance and process of building supportive networks
  2. Learn tangible interview and resume tips for Newcomers
  3. Explore alternatives outside of the traditional job search
  4. Learn life management skills to support employment long term

One of our presenters, Divina, will be focusing on a key issue that's often difficult to discuss and navigate: staying and thriving in your job. We talked with her to get a sense of why this is often occurs:

Divina, employers are telling us that many New Canadians, once they secure employment, can often unwittingly self sabotage their careers before they even get truly started. Is that your observation, and if so, why do you think it happens?

This happens as they are still getting used to what ‘normal’ is. Coming from their respective countries, New Canadians are used to knowing not only the cultural norms, but also the organizational norms. For example, a newcomer starts an excellent career with a company. He gets a call from his home country two months into his employment, and finds out that his father is very ill. Since he’s the eldest of the siblings, they are asking him to come home and settle the family affairs (e.g. land ownership, etc.). Instead of seeking assistance from his co-workers and ask what he should do in this situation, he decides to render his resignation, rather than requesting for a leave of absence.

Are there warning signs to be aware of that might indicate that something is going wrong?

If a new Canadian who is new to the job does not take the following actions:

  • Time and immediate action to get to know others
  • Create a network
  • Understand how to fit into their new environment,

this may be a warning sign that they need help, as they may be feeling overwhelmed and really do not know how to take the first steps.

What kind of strategies would you recommend to try to prevent this from happening?

You can take simple steps:

  • Talk to people and get to know them
  • Ask questions — don’t be afraid of being judged. This is the only way you will learn

By not asking questions or getting to know others, it will prevent you from learning and growing as a new professional in Canada.

And Divina has the expertise you need. She's currently in the energy services sector, and has been in human resources and recruitment for the past 15 years. She immigrated to Canada at the age of 12, and has first-hand experience with the challenges that new Canadians face. As such, she's committed to helping new Canadians create new possibilities for themselves during this important transition phase in their careers. Registration is easy, either online, or by calling 403-260-2782.

It's also important to remember that while new Canadians often have many challenges adapting to their new work environments, there are a wide range of excellent services in Calgary to help you move forward, such as Directions for Immigrants in the Trades, Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and Immigrant Services Calgary. All these organizations, and others, are listed in Alberta Human Service's directory, the Employment, Training and Career Services Directory for Calgary.


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