Enhancing Your Job Search through Social Networking

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source: MBAonline (click on image for full infographic)

Accelerate Your Career 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012, Central Library

Enhancing Your Job Search through Social Networking
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Enhancing Your Job Search through Social Networking is a popular program offered at the library in partnership with Bow Valley College (BVC) Career Connection. We asked Jill, a BVC Career Coach who will be presenting the program during our all-day Accelerate Your Career 2012 event, a few questions about how social networking can be used to find work.


Jill Nikiforuk, BVC Career Connection1. Why is it important that job seekers embrace social media?

Social media can boost the job search process by adding exponential value to the all-important networking component of job searching. Networking is the number one way to find a new job opportunity! Job seekers can very easily reach out to and research potential networking contacts through social media before making face-to-face contact. Social media also gives the job seeker access to vital information from the industries and companies of interest. While social media is most useful as a networking and informational tool for job seekers, many employers also post jobs this way—with Twitter being the best place to find up-to-date job postings.

2. Can you tweet your way to a job in Calgary?

Yes! This micro-blogging type of social media can boost the job search process. Twitter allows job seekers to follow experts in their field and to follow companies they are interested in, which in turn, keeps them up-to-date in their target industries. Job seekers can also professionally contribute to twitter conversations that can draw positive attention from potential employers. It is very impressive in an interview if a candidate can show that she or he has been following the latest news a company has posted.

3. How are employers using LinkedIn to find candidates?

Employers are using keywords to search potential candidates on LinkedIn. This allows recruiters and hiring managers to pre-screen candidates and search potential employees worldwide. (Like resumes, LinkedIn profiles should be laden with keywords that describe career-specific skills and personal characteristics.) LinkedIn profiles also can be more detailed than a two-page resumé, therefore giving additional information to hiring personnel.


Jill Nikiforuk is a Career Coach at Career Connection, Bow Valley College who offers guidance for career planning, and teaches clients how to sharpen their job search marketing tools and skills. Career Connection is a free career service for all under-employed and unemployed Albertans.

Accelerate Your Career 2012

Saturday, May 12, 2012, Central Library

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LinkedIn for Career Success

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This Saturday, October 22nd, please join us at the Central Library for our Accelerate Your Career All-Day Career Event.

Joy Cohen, a Calgary career consultant, will be presenting the LinkedIn for Career Success program from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.

We asked Joy a few questions about the why and how to use LinkedIn as a networking tool.

With over 120 million registered users worldwide, LinkedIn is clearly popular with job searchers. What do you think is its greatest strength?

I think its greatest strength is the ease of use for individuals with basic computer skills. If you have a well developed profile containing key words and phrases from your industry, it’s easy to be found and to access wonderful career opportunities. As a career coach, I have found this site to be absolutely invaluable for marketing my job search clients to employers quickly and with great ease. Some of my clients do not have computer skills and I am able to intervene and connect very quickly with hiring managers and decision makers as well as others who can introduce me to those who are responsible for posting opportunities. I LOVE this site!

What are your LinkedIn pet peeves?

  1. A profile with just your name and nothing else or having a profile that says “unemployed and desperate for work—please, anyone, help me!”
  2. A profile full of spelling and grammatical errors. Have someone with a fresh set of eyes check your profile for you. If English is not your first language, have someone review your profile who is completely fluent in English.
  3. Inappropriate or family photos. Your photo should reflect a professional image, period.
  4. Inappropriate status updates giving information about your family or personal activities. These personal details are more appropriate for Facebook.

Do you think job searchers should include their LinkedIn URL on their business cards?

Sure! You can also select a personalized “Vanity URL” for your public profile, giving you a custom web address for linking to and promoting your profile. Once you’ve chosen your URL, you can use it to feature your LinkedIn profile on business cards, email signatures, your blog and so on. (source: Personalizing your LinkedIn URL)

Should job searchers ever ask their current boss for a recommendation?

As long as everyone is comfortable, I think it’s a very good idea. Be aware that some companies are not permitted to provide what may be perceived as “written references,” Many employers search LinkedIn and seek out candidates who have a minimum of 10 recommendations, so building up your profile is important. Always ensure that the recommendations are of quality and speak of your talent, strengths, skills and knowledge.

Joy Cohen, from Everyday Joy: Career and Human Services Consulting, is a Calgary-based Human Services and Career Services Professional. Joy will be presenting LinkedIn for Career Success during the Accelerate Your Career All-Day Career Event this Saturday, October 22nd at the Central Library. Register online or by calling 403-260-2620.

Creating and Managing an Online Identity For Job Seekers

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Creating and maintaining an online presence is an important part of your job search. Many people I speak with do not feel that it is necessary for them to have an online identity. However, it is not uncommon for potential employers to Google job applicants. Knowing this, it becomes more apparent why it is so important to have an online presence. When you are googled you want information that YOU want to appear to be there and wow your potential employer!

Creating an online presence does not mean you must suddenly join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once! If you are just interested in a strictly professional presence then LinkedIn is where you should be focusing your attention. LinkedIn is like a Facebook for professionals and offers a great way for you to network and keep in contact with that network. Maintaining and creating relationships with people in your field of interest is integral to you being successful in your job search and LinkedIn acts as a tool to enhance these networks and relationships.

LinkedIn allows you to highlight important work experience and gives you an ability to control what pops up if your name is googled. Having a LinkedIn profille pop up in google is better than having nothing appear at all!

Read more about this topic from the Harvard Business Review article Managing Yourself: What's Your Personal Social Media Strategy?