Supercharge Your Social Media for Job Search

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Last week a colleague of mine was headhunted through LinkedIn — again. Not surprisingly, his profile is focused and robust, laden with great keywords and featuring a fabulous profile picture in a striking red cardigan. But although job searchers are using social media with more frequency and sophistication than a few years ago, many I talk to are not getting scouted, nor are they confident they’re creating content that is truly leveraging their job search and wowing potential employers with bang-on headlines and profile information.

On Tuesday, September 16th, the Central Library is hosting How To Supercharge Your Social Network for Your Job Search, a program designed to answer these questions. From 9:30 – 12:00 in the Library Theatre, three speakers, including Melissa McCluskey, VP of Communications for Mark Staffing, have been invited to address issues such as:

  • What information you should be posting online and where you should be posting it?
  • Are wondering how (or if) a potential employer uses your information they find online?
  • Are confused about what social media sites you should have your profile on, so potential employers can find you?
  • What kind of information is acceptable and what kind of information is dangerous?

Register for this free event online, or call 403-260-2620.

I recommend you adopt this brave strategy: invite coworkers and friends to view your accounts and offer honest feedback. Does your profile picture make you look weary? Is your Twitter feed sending out positive, professional messaging? Would they show your Facebook page to their grandmother? And if you are still stuck, the Calgary Public Library has a steady stream of new social media books, ebooks and articles to inspire and challenge your assumptions.

Social Media and Job Search

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So anyone out there actively looking for a job: you're using social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and so on) in your search, right?

If you're not, you may be missing out on opportunities. Employers are increasingly using social media to recruit and research potential employees and to post jobs and current news about the company or organization.

How Social Media is Changing Business — And Your Job Search (Mashable)

When you apply for a job the hiring manager will likely check to see if you're on LinkedIn. If you want to research potential employers and see if they're hiring, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook (yes, Facebook!) are often the place where employers put their most up-to-date news and job postings.

A social media presence is key in creating your personal brand to market yourself to employers.

So what are you waiting for? While the upcoming sessions of our popular Career Basics: Enhancing Your Job Search Through Social Networking and LinkedIn: Get Your Profile Up and Running are full, check back at the end of the year for sessions running from January to April plus all new programs relating to business, job search and social media topics.

In the meantime, here's just a few of the great books and ebooks in our collection on using social media to help find the right job:



Get Noticed! Get Hired!

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Get Noticed! Get Hired—Searching For Work Online

The Calgary Public Library has partnered with Alberta Human Services to host Get Noticed! Get Hired—Searching For Work Online, a program featuring a panel discussion of employers, including the City of Calgary, Telus and Devon Energy, will focus on helping job seekers understand the electronic recruitment process and how they can harness the power of social media to help them in their job search. We asked Alberta Human Services a few questions about what will be covered in the program:

What was the impetus for this particular panel program? Are you finding that job seekers are not as up to speed with online job search techniques as they should be?

The Alberta Human Services Business and Industry Team have been discussing the new wave of popularity for recruiters to use social media for active recruitment. We have been getting feedback from both employers and job seekers that these practices may be creating barriers to success in the job search.

TELUS presented a unique opportunity when it offered to do an information session to job seekers on successfully navigating their recruitment site. The Business and Industry Team decided to take a few steps further and develop the panel discussion.

The intent is to give job seekers and career counselors inside information on how to successfully navigate corporate recruitment sites and to increase the effectiveness jobseekers social media profiles.

Are employers using social media and an electronic application process more often? What practical advice would you have for job seekers if so?

A large number of employers/organizations are using electronic application processes and emails for job seekers to apply for openings in their companies. In addition, recruiters are now actively seeking candidate matches for positions through social media sites.

The best advice we would give job seekers is to manage their social media pages and make sure that the content is something they would publish in a newspaper headline.

What is your best tip for job seekers looking to create a robust social media profile?

The one tip the team gives out is to make sure your online social profile describes the type of employee a company would want to hire.

Who will be on the panel? Will the participants have the opportunity to drop off resumes or ask specific questions after the program?

The panel members are Recruitment specialists and HR Managers. As the topic of the discussion is utilizing social media, we expect that job seekers will apply online for no resumes please. The Panel Presentation will have a question and answer segment and we encourage the people attending to ask questions.

We hope you can join us at the Central Library on the morning of Monday, January 28 for Get Noticed! Get Hired—Searching For Work Online.
Contact us at 403-260-2782 or centralinformationservice @ for more information.

Best in Books: July

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New! The Calgary Public Library is excited to share reviews of its print and electronic career resources. These reviews are written by local career practitioners and will give you the inside scoop on some of the Library's best resources for job search and career planning. The following book is available through the Library's website as an eBook: see below for instructions.

Social Networking For Career Success 2011: A Choice Works Book Review

If you are looking for a user-friendly, systematic narrative on how to leverage online tools to grow your professional network, generate job search momentum, manage your online identity or craft your personal brand, then this book is well worth your time. Miriam Salpeter provides refreshingly clear and focused guidance for job seekers. With Social Networking for Career Success 2011, you can begin to explore the value of incorporating social media into both active and passive stages of work search. This is an excellent resource designed to educate and inform. It avoids tacky self-promotion and succeeds in meeting the dynamic needs of recent graduates, experienced professionals, career explorers, small business owners, consultants and those considering encore careers.

Packed full of relevant sources for readers to explore in depth, this book also offers time saving tips gained from the practical experiences of the author. Expect to find how-to segments to begin using Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging and Social Bookmarking, strategies for crafting your Personal Brand, methods to manage your online identity and introductions to many other online tools. Challenging the belief that social media is merely the latest way to damage your professional credibility and get yourself fired, Salpeter causes readers to rethink career possibilities and evaluate their own attitudes toward social media’s transformation of our society. I consider this book a must-have, big-picture gem for those interested in capturing the best of what the online world has to offer.

By: Samantha Schellenberg, Alberta Employment & Immigration Career Development Workshop Facilitator, Designer and Presenter. Director, ChoiceWorks Rehabilitation Solutions Ltd.

Note: This book is one of many career books available as electronic books (eBooks) from one of the Library's subscription databases called Learning Express. You can download these books for free onto your home computer. Click here to learn how to access these publications.

Creating and Managing an Online Identity For Job Seekers

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Creating and maintaining an online presence is an important part of your job search. Many people I speak with do not feel that it is necessary for them to have an online identity. However, it is not uncommon for potential employers to Google job applicants. Knowing this, it becomes more apparent why it is so important to have an online presence. When you are googled you want information that YOU want to appear to be there and wow your potential employer!

Creating an online presence does not mean you must suddenly join Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all at once! If you are just interested in a strictly professional presence then LinkedIn is where you should be focusing your attention. LinkedIn is like a Facebook for professionals and offers a great way for you to network and keep in contact with that network. Maintaining and creating relationships with people in your field of interest is integral to you being successful in your job search and LinkedIn acts as a tool to enhance these networks and relationships.

LinkedIn allows you to highlight important work experience and gives you an ability to control what pops up if your name is googled. Having a LinkedIn profille pop up in google is better than having nothing appear at all!

Read more about this topic from the Harvard Business Review article Managing Yourself: What's Your Personal Social Media Strategy?