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WhiskyIn 1892 two-year-old whisky was $1.25 a gallon and “old” whiskey was $2.00 a gallon. The most popular drink at Calgary’s exclusive Ranchmen’s Club in 1892 was Glen

Grant Scotch whiskey shipped directly from Edinburgh in 40 gallon barrels.

To read more about it, check out Hugh Dempsey's book, Calgary : spirit of the west : a history / by Dempsey, Hugh Aylmer, 1929- (Is it a coincidence that this is found in a book called Spirit of the West?)
Interested in reading more? Try James H. Gray's classic book Booze : the impact of whisky on the prairie west / by Gray, James H., 1906-1998 and the follow up title,

Bacchanalia revisited : Western Canada's boozy skid to social disaster / by Gray, James H., 1906-1998.


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