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Calgary Courthouses

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This is Calgary's first courthouse, built in 1888-1889. Before this building was constructed, court was held in an immigration shed. When a second courthouse was built in 1915, this building served as the NWMP facilities and jail. The building was demolished in 1958 to make way for Calgary's third courthouse, the Court of Queen's Bench, completed in 1962.

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City Hall - Centennial of the Laying of the Cornerstone

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City Hall

September 15 marked the 100th anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone for the "new" city hall. In 1908 dignitaries, including Mayor Arthur Cameron, R.B. Bennett and Colonel James Walker, were on hand to celebrate this momentous event.

The cornerstone is embedded outside of City Hall on the northwest side of the main entrance. It is a red granite plaque engraved with the names of the mayor and aldermen, the City Clerk and the architect, William Dodd. Dodd was dismissed in 1909 and replaced by architects Gilbert Hodgson and Ernest Butler.

A sealed copper box was placed under the cornerstone. Inside were financial reports, bylaws of the city, and a copy of the New Testament.

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Senator Lorna Milne and the 1911 Census

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All of you who remember how close we came to not getting the 1911 census released will be interested in Senator Lorna Milne's account of the seven year battle to get this vital genealogical information released to the public. Deeply Rooted outlines the determined efforts of a small group of Canadians, including some from Calgary, to preserve guaranteed and uncensored access to Canada's census records. You can download the book at this website: