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March is hopping with heritage events

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PC 1880

Business District, Calgary, Alberta

Postcards from the Past, PC 1880

We attended an excellent Heritage Roundtable this month on the Heritage Trades. We heard presentations on stone work restoration, landscape restoration and the restoration of the rail cars at Heritage Park. We also had a chance to meet a lot of people involved with heritage in the city and show off some of the items from our collections. What I noticed was at the end when the announcements of upcoming events were made, is that there are a ton of heritage related events taking place at the Central Library in March, and all of them sound really interesting (and I’m not just saying that because I work here – honest).

First up is Heritage Matters on Friday the 11th. This is presented in partnership with the Calgary Heritage Authority and will be at 5:15 on the main floor of the Central Library. The last one we had here was great fun so put it on your calendars. Dr. Nancy Pollock-Ellwand will present “Heritage futures for the city of Calgary.” Dr. Pollock-Ellwand is a professor at the University of Adelaide who has an internation reputation for her study of the history and conservation of cultural landscapes. She will talk about why we should care about the city’s heritage, what we have learned from our past experiences, the value of heritage to the community and future trends. If you are interested in coming to this, please register in person, by telephone at 403-260-2620 or online through our website:

Next up is our program for World Storytelling Day – Share your stories of Calgary’s past. While we can glean a lot of history from books and other printed sources, we often lose information about the lives of everyday people. To address this, Calgarians are invited to record their memories of Calgary for inclusion in our local history collection. If you have stories to share about Calgary’s past, please register for this event. It takes place on the 4th floor of the Central Library on Friday March 18 at 2:00 PM

Then, on Sunday March 20, we are having a Jane’s Talk. While this isn’t strictly about heritage, it will be a discussion of what makes up a great city. This event is named for the great Jane Jacobs who advocated a human approach to urban planning and led many to re-evaluate what makes a city a great place to live. You will also hear about Jane’s Walks, an international event with a local focus that aims to reacquaint us with our neighbourhoods. You do not need to register for this program, just show up. It will be in John Dutton Theatre on the second floor of the Central Library at 2:00 PM

The following Saturday, the 26th, is our regular genealogy Saturday with Family History Coaching in the genealogy section on the 4th floor of the Central Library at 10:00 AM and Genealogy Meet-up, also on the 4th floor, at 2:00PM. Both of these programs are drop-in as well.

In addition to our programs, the Calgary Heritage Initiative is having another Heritage Roundtable on the 17th of March. I look forward to these events. The topics are always stimulating and the chance to meet other people concerned with heritage is invaluable. I’ll let you know more about the venue and topics early next month.

PC 938

Oil Brokers and Investors at the King George Hotel, 1914

Postcards from the Past, PC 938


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