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Spring Events for Genealogists

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Even if spring has decided not to happen, there is still a lot going on in and around Calgary for genealogists and those interested in family history.

The first program I want to tell you about is a mini-fair on April 29 at the Family History Centre (2021 17 Avenue SW). It is called Bridges to the Past and will include classes in getting started in genealogy, reading old German handwriting, Irish ancestry research, using social networking for your research and a whole lot more. If you register in advance, you will receive a syllabus. You can see all the classes and download the registration form at this website:

Farther afield, the Alberta Genealogical Society is holding its annual conference, Unlocking Doors to the Past on April 16 and 17 at the Chateau Louis Hotel in Edmonton. Speakers at the conference will include Colleen Fitzpatrick, the author of Forensic Genealogy, Dave Obee, whose work includes eight books on Canadian family history, and Lyn Meehan, a well-known family historian and lecturer, along with other interesting and informative presenters. You can find more information about the AGS conference at their website:

Next month, the Alberta Family Histories Society, our own local genealogical group, will be offering a beginners course on May 7 at 9:00. The program is for members of AFHS (so if you’re looking for another reason to join your local genealogical society, this may be it). You can find out more about this course through the Alberta Family Histories Society blog (

Of course, there is always our regular Family History Coaching program, on the last Saturday of the month (April 30th) at 10:00 in the Central Library. This program has become increasingly popular and the feedback from participants has been great. We’ve found a lot of ancestors!

There is also our Genealogy Meet-Up at 2:00 on the same Saturday. This provides an opportunity for further assistance as well as some time to meet with others and offer your own advice to other genealogists – many hands make light work!

Both Family History Coaching and the Genealogy Meet-Up are drop-in programs, so no advance registration is required, but you will need to have a library card to participate (and to access Ancestry LE). You can find more information in our program guide, available online through our website (click on Programs).


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