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by Christine L Hayes - 0 Comment(s)

Welcome to the Community Heritage and Family History blog section of Calgary Public Library's website!

Calgary Public Library's Community Heritage and Family History collection is a treasure trove of historical research material for anyone interested in our Western history and roots. On the 4th Floor of the Central Library lives this remarkable collection of books, pamphlets, magazines, DVDs, maps, and more on Calgary and Alberta history. In addition, our visual heritage is available online, through our digital postcard and photograph collections, for you to explore.

We are very excited about the launch of this blog and using it as a means of sharing with you some of the interesting, quirky, and fascinating items of historical and genealogical interest from these wonderful collections. We also look forward to your comments, feedback, and suggestions.

Also, you can keep updated by subscribing to the RSS feed so that you will know each time we post a new entry.

Thanks for joining us, have fun exploring and we look forward to hearing from you!



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