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We may be over 100 years old, but we’re not antiques yet. We have a new collection of Local History materials, not in a physical format, per se, but a wonderful collection all the same. On Calgary Public Library’s YouTube channel (yes, we do have a YouTube channel) we have uploaded a number of local history talks by some of our favourite local historians. We have just uploaded the series “Calgary Stories” recorded during our Heritage Weekend and featuring Harry Sanders, John Gilpin and David Finch each talking about a different aspect of Calgary’s history.

We have also uploaded our instructional program Research the History of Your House presented as part of the Century Homes project by members of Calgary Public Library’s Community Heritage and Family History department, an archivist from the City of Calgary, Corporate Records, Archives and a librarian from the Glenbow Museum, Library and Archives. It is a great resource for anyone interested in researching buildings or the people who lived in them. Check it out.

We are very excited to be able to have these available for our customers and anyone else who is interested in the history of the city. But the YouTube collection is not just about history, there are other videos available as well, including the wonderful talk given by Lawrence Hill for the launch of One Book One Calgary and talks by other authors who have visited Calgary Public Library. If you missed Jo Nesbo or Guy Gavriel Kay you can check out their presentations as well. We are constantly adding recordings, so visit early and visit often!


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