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AJ 60 14

Cochrane Ranch House

Alison Jackson Photograph Collection, AJ 60-14

There is now another way to access our Community Heritage and Family History Digital Library., which is a doorway into the collections of a wide range of organizations such as museums, historical societies, government agencies and, of course, libraries, now includes the Alison Jackson Photograph collection, Postcards from the Past and the Judith Umbach Photograph collection.


York Hotel

Judith Umbach Photograph Collection

The collections at Glenbow and at the Lois Hole Campus Alberta Digital Library are also accessible through this portal. Calgary Public Library’s digital collection is the only one from a public library accessible on Know Alberta, and the content of our digital library is larger than those of U of Lethbridge and Athabasca University. The site is an initiative of The Alberta Library (TAL), which is a consortium of over 290 libraries across Alberta that seeks to provide barrier-free access to information for all Albertans. There are some very interesting collections available through this initiative. Click on “Browse” for a link to the participating organizations and to see what collections are available. In addition to digitized photographs, Know Alberta provides a link to video collections, maps, audio collections, documents and other media.

PC 1957

Central High School

Postcards From the Past, PC 1957


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