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Canada's Census Records Online

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Census record

You may have seen the article in the Saturday edition of the Calgary Herald that a "forest of family trees" was recently unveiled. That may be a little bit of an exaggeration but what has actually been released is just as exciting. This is the Historical Canadian Census collection which includes all of the census records from 1851 (only a partial census exists for this year) to 1916 (which was a census of the Prairie Provinces only). This is the product of a partnership between and Library and Archives Canada and includes 32 million names.

While digitized images of various censuses have been available through Library and Archives Canada, this project provides indexing and images which means, of course, easier access to these records. I know that the census was one of the first places I turned to find information about my ancestors and once I had found my great grandmother, living with her family in Ontario, I was hooked. Back in those days, indexes were few and far between and the census was only on microfilm We still have the microfilm here at the Central Library but having indexes and images online is going to be a real boon to researchers and may open the way for new genealogists to get started.

You will need a subscription to to view these records, unless you are a Calgary Public Library member. Then you can access these records at any branch of the public library through our subscription to Ancestry Library Edition. While you may not be able to pull up your entire family tree, you will be able to see the record of you ancestors as they were enumerated throughout the years for the official census.


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