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Canada Census, 1891

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Census 1891

Library and Archives Canada has announced the launch of a new database, the 1891 Census of Canada. This census marked the third time names and statistical information was collected from the whole of the country. The intent was to reflect the population as of April 5, 1891. In all data was collected from 4,833,239 people from all the provinces and territories. LAC has acknowledged the contribution of, without whom the project could not have been completed. The records are free to search through Library and Archives Canada (see hot link above) and through Ancestry LE. You can access Ancestry LE free of charge with your Calgary Public Library card at any branch of the Calgary Public Library.

The database is a collection of digitized images taken from the microfilm produced in 1955. Unfortunately, the quality of the images on the microfilm is uneven - some pages are good, others not so good. The originals were destroyed so that all that exists are the microfilms of the population schedules (Schedule 1). Some of the images are not decipherable so if your people don't show up in the indexing, it may be that they are on one of the unreadable pages. If you would like to check the microfilm, Calgary Public Library owns a (nearly) complete collection of all released census microfilm, with the exception of the 1916 Census of the Prairie Provinces, which is still on order. The films are held in the genealogy section on the fourth floor of the Central Library. You can ask for assistance in finding the films or using the microfilm readers (or anything else, for that matter) at the reference desk.

And a reminder for all you avid genealogy buffs, we offer Family History Coaching with volunteers from the Alberta Family Histories Society on the last Saturday of every month from 10:00 am to noon in the genealogy area. If you'd like more information on anything genealogy related, please feel free to contact us. Our telephone is 403-260-2785 and our direct email is


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