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Researching Calgary's Military History

by Christine Hayes - 0 Comment(s)

I grew up on the west edge of the city near the Currie and Harvie Barracks. Having the military as neighbours was a normal, albeit sometimes exciting, part of my youth. We could ride our bikes to the bluff that is now called Battalion Park and on balmy summer nights, we watched the flares and listened to the guns from the military exercises that were taking place. Helicopters sometimes flew overhead. We could wave to the soldiers as their convoys passed us. It was better than watching the movie from beyond the fence at the 17th Avenue Drive-In!

PC 569

Six Soldiers, World War I

Postcards from the Past, PC 569

It was only years later, as I studied the history of my home town, that I realized what a proud military history we have. Since Fort Calgary, the city has had a military presence in one form or another. Calgary has been home to a number of famous regiments and their history is preserved in the newly renovated and expanded Military Museums. Along with the Naval, Army and Air Force Museums are the Regimental Museums of the Calgary Highlanders, Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry, the King's Own Calgary Regiment and Lord Strathcona's Horse. They also house the W.A. Howard Library and the Arthur J.E. Child Archives.

We are delighted that experts from the Military Museums and the University of Calgary will be giving a talk on Saturday February 28 at 1PM in the meeting room on the fourth floor of the Central Library. They will present information about strategies and resources for researching the history of the military in Calgary.


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