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Mind Your Own Business!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I often fantasize that I am self-employed. In those fantasies, it isn’t clear how I actually earn a living, but I know that I sleep in, drink my mid-morning tea while checking e-mails, and spend the majority of the day in my housecoat. Food TV drones on in the background, and I have the liberty of stopping work if there’s a recipe that I simply must jot down.

In reality, people who are self-employed do not have the luxury of waking, dressing and working when they please. They have to be responsible, organized, motivated self-starters with well-managed schedules, and meticulous attention to detail.

If this description sounds like you, why not start the road to self employment at the Calgary Public Library?

  • Find books about starting any kind of business you could imagine, and detailed business plans for a huge variety of industries.
  • Use our business directories to find out if there are similar businesses in Calgary, and obtain their contact information.
  • Search through the last few years of Canadian newspapers (online!), to see if your industry has been in the news. Our digital indices make your search quick and efficient.

To get started, browse our catalogue. Find books and magazines about your business.

For information in electronic format, start from our homepage, click on e-library and then "Business, Business Directories and Investment".

Also, don’t be afraid to contact our Business, Sciences and Social Sciences department. Helping you find the right sources of information is our business!

For those who need more assistance, consider Research Plus, the fee-for-service division of the Calgary Public Library. Let us do the research for you!

Interested in free business programs? Check them out, and register here!


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