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Celebrate International Literacy Day!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Imagine living life unable to read. Not only would every aspect of your day-to-day existence be challenging, but you would have to bear the additional burden of trying to conceal a "shameful secret".

Sadly, this frustrating and embarrassing situation is more common – yes, even in Canada - than we realize. After all, the fact that one can speak fluently is no indication that he or she can read or write, or fully understand what has been read.

On September the 8th, International Literacy Day, take the time to read with your children. Not only will you expand their vocabulary and improve their grammar, but you’ll show them that they are important, and deserve your undivided attention. Sharing a story is a magical experience for children and adults alike; through stories we experience compassion, exercise our imaginations and learn to solve problems. Reading is so much more than just recognizing words on a page! In fact, why restrict reading to only your children? The Calgary Public Library can connect you with an adult who needs assistance reading, or learning to read. For more information about how you can share the joy of literacy, check out Calgary Public Library volunteer opportunities. Invest just a few hours a month, and you could change a life!

Also, if literacy is your passion, then be sure to visit the Central library on September 8th, when Alberto Manguel will speak about the important role that libraries, reading, and our collective memories play in our search for meaning. Register here.

If knowledge is power, then illiteracy is powerlessness. On September 8th, whether in the library or from your home, celebrate literacy and the tremendous power that is a natural by-product of the ability to read.

For more information, visit Literacy Alberta.


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