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Ideacity on DVD!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Fancy yourself an “ideas” person? Interested in the ideas and people that influence culture, business, technology and society as a whole? IdeaCity is an annual conference held in Toronto. It brings together a variety of thinkers and the public, for lectures, discussion and networking. If you've enjoyed TED talks, IdeaCity is probably right up your alley!

Sam Harris, Margaret Atwood, Ray Kurzweil, Andrew Nikiforuk, Richard Dawkins, Conrad Black and Ezra Levant are just some of the many notable speakers who have given talks over the last few years.

One doesn’t need to be a specialist in order to be intrigued by these lectures. The topics are highly interesting for a broad audience, and the speakers are accessible and engaging. Each lecture is about half an hour in length, so they’re just enough to get you really curious about a topic, without being overwhelming.

Calgary Public Library has IdeaCity on DVD! Check it out today!


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