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Join CPL at the Career Show!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

The job hunt. It’s a challenging, competitive world, and these are especially trying times. Are you doing all you can, to ensure success in your search?

If you’re searching for a job, be sure to visit the Calgary Public Library booth (among a huge range of others) at the Career Show, coming up this Friday and Saturday. Sure, you’ve got Halloween on the brain, but this is an excellent opportunity to find a huge range of employers, and services / agencies that assist in job hunting, all under one roof! The Calgary Public Library looks forward to attending this event each year, and it always sends its expert staff. This year, five staff members will be on-hand to answer your questions.

Whether you’re concerned about formulating a resume and cover letter, or you need advice about networking and job hunting, Calgary Public Library has resources and materials to assist you. There’s no question too strange, no question too complex! We regularly host Career Tours and Career Coaching sessions, and we have the largest collection of career-related materials in the city! Let us show you the wealth of resources that are accessible either in your branch, or through our e-library.

We wish you all the very best, in your search!

The Biography of Math

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)


a) Rustic Italian pasta

b) A variant of athlete’s foot

c) Inventor of the Fibonacci sequence

All of the answers above are incorrect, although if you chose “c”, you’re pretty close. Actually, Fibonacci didn’t invent the sequence at all. Rather, he discovered its use across the ancient Near East and in India, as he travelled with his father, who was a merchant.


a) Mathematician

b) Philosopher

c) Vegetarian

You’re correct if you chose any or all of the above. ‘Pythagoras the mathematician’ gets all the glory, but there are many other sides to this figure. He was a wandering philosopher and also a vegetarian! Who knew?

Mathematics is much more than just formulae. It is a human product, and as such, has its own history of development. How did the concept of zero become invented? When did Roman numerals stop being used? Which society first used the decimal? Search our catalogue to learn more about how it all happened! We've also got math text books, The Key study guides, and past Diploma Exams!


Sharing the Flame

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the recognition of the Reading Advantage program at the Calgary Public Library by the Canadian Council on Learning's Sharing the Flame program.

Sharing the Flame recognizes excellence in programs which celebrate innovative and effective learning practices. We are proud and honoured to be recognized. Thank-you to both our stellar volunteers and participants for making the program what it is.

Congratulations Reading Advantage!

Law at the Library

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

I was pulled over recently and informed that I was being issued a ticket for speeding in a playground zone. I knew how quickly I was going, but doubted that I was within the confines of the playground zone. I drove past that same spot the next day, and confirmed that I was within the zone when ticketed. Fair enough.

But, what if I had found that the officer had been wrong? What if I needed to defend myself? It occurred to me that I wouldn’t even know where to start.

Many people don’t realize the wealth of legal information that can be found at the Calgary Public Library. We have:

  • federal and provincial statutes
  • city by-laws
  • directories of legal professionals
  • legal dictionaries
  • free programs about law

If you have concerns about divorce, landlord / tenant issues, the criminal code, local by-laws or anything else, drop by your local library branch and check out our resources. We’ll remind you that we are not trained legal professionals, but we’re a great place from which to start your legal odyssey. Also, be sure to check out our program guide, and register for Law at Your Library programs. These free, informative programs are hosted by Alberta Legal Guidance.

Rex and the City

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

In the landscape of Canadian voices, one stands out as particularly unique.

Rex Murphy’s writing is a formidable combination of sarcasm, wit and insight. His “Point of View” is not to be missed, as each one is contemplative, unabashed, and delivered in his trademark no-nonsense style. This Oxford educated Newfoundlander can usually be found on the CBC webpage, or in the Globe and Mail, but for one night only, you can find him here in Calgary!

Join us at the Central Library on October 27th to celebrate Murphy’s new book, Canada and Other Matters of Opinion.

It’s not every day that we have such high caliber thinkers in our John Dutton theatre! Let this national treasure inspire and challenge you! It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

The Peter Principle, by Peter and Hull

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

The Peter Principle is basically this: in an organizational hierarchy (like the one in which you very likely are employed), each person tends to be promoted to his or her “level of incompetence”. That is, people tend to be upwardly mobile until the point where they can no longer satisfy their job requirements. Here, they languish, and create all sorts of problems for those with and for whom they work. Through a series of case studies and with the use of hilarious pseudo-scientific jargon, Dr. Peter, a self-described “heirarcheologist”, explains why it is that hierarchies reinforce their own internal structure rather than serve the needs of their customers; why those who least deserve promotions are granted them; and why incompetence seems to be so very rampant in organizations large and small. Initially, these claims can seem somewhat counter-intuitive. After all, how can organizations continue to function if a majority of employees are incompetent? Read The Peter Principle for the answer – equal parts comedy, tragedy, and irony.

Ultimately, The Peter Principle is a Pandora’s Box, of sorts. Once you read it, you won’t ever again be able to look at your employment the same way. However, the trade-off is that you’ll definitely be inspired to rid yourself and your business of the oversights and false assumptions that put this Principle into practice.

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