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Nudes at the Glenbow!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

“Head and shoulders, knees and toes”!

Nudes, glorious nudes! Is there anything more enduringly compelling to humans than our own bodies? I’m no art historian, but I suspect not. From the Venus statues of Willendorf Austria, to Michelangelo’s David, there is something inherent about the human form that inspires us to re-create it. As an audience, we seem to be perpetually curious about the human form. Not only that, but surprised, and sometimes even outraged by how artists depict it.

Join the Glenbow Museum on February 13th for a very special event. It’s the opening of an exhibit called The Nude in Modern Canadian Art. The exhibition features works of art from major Canadian museums and private collections and includes paintings, drawings, sculpture and photography. There are so many reasons to attend! The event is pay-what-you-can, and includes a free drink ticket. Not only that, but it coincides with the opening of another exhibit, Kent Monkman: The Triumph of Mischief. How many chances do you get to visit a museum with the caveat that the exhibition “contains mature content”?

Join the Glenbow in celebrating nudes! I’ll be there. The only question is: what should I wear?


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