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Common Law

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Given how common break-ups are, it’s no surprise that several of my relatives are divorced. In fact, in my family, the one marriage that has survived the longest isn’t really a marriage per se, but a 30 year, common law relationship.

If you’re considering "shacking up" without getting married first (or at all!), then join staff from Calgary Legal Guidance for an overview of the rights and obligations of common law partners. Common law arrangements have implications for children, housing, property, and even wills and estates. Why not learn more, and have your questions answered?

Register now, for this free program, taking place on the evening of March 3!

Call for Submissions!

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Calling all artists and creators! If you work with recycled, found, reclaimed or second-hand materials, the Calgary Public Library wants to hear from you! On April 17th, we’ll be hosting Ecopalooza, a one day festival of all things green. Art, fashion, science and business – if it’s green it’ll be at Ecoplalooza! An important component of the festival will be an art show and competition. If you’d like to display your work, please contact for more information. If you’re a Facebook user, why not check out our event listing?

There will be cash prizes for first, second and third place winners, so get crafting, building, making and recycling!


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Is your vocabulary lackluster? Do you long to pepper your conversation with multisyllabic declarations of your intelligence? One of the best ways to learn or study English without really studying it is to read. Reading introduces you to new vocabulary, while allowing you to practice the grammar you already know. We also know that reading is especially important for children. When young, children learn to read. But soon enough, that dynamic changes and for the remainder of their lives, they will read to learn. Start your children off on the right foot by registering them in our storytime programs. Whether infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers, all children can benefit from exposure to books, reading, stories, rhymes and songs.

Contact your local branch for information on upcoming Storytimes!

Celebrate International Women's Day with CPL!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

I love the women in my family! They are educated and hard working, they travel, they are wonderful mothers and aunts, and above all, they have left me a legacy of independence. I was raised knowing that I could do anything I wanted – regardless of my gender – and I still believe it. This year, when I celebrate International Women’s Day, I’ll think about the women in my family who paved the way for me.

Celebrate International Women’s Day at the Calgary Public Library! Join us for a free catered lunch and a panel discussion about women, success and equality. There’s still time to register, so don’t miss this unique event!

For more information, please see the following:

International Women’s Day at Calgary Public Library

Mind, Body, Spirit Weekend

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In the Western world, humans are typically thought of as being tripartite – having discrete minds, bodies and spirits. Many spiritual and even philosophical traditions regard humans in this way. Here at the Central library, we’re celebrating wellness with an entire weekend dedicated to programs for your mind, body and spirit.

Join us on March 6th and 7th, for programs about yoga, birth, reiki, meditation, Buddhism and much more! Last year these programs were very popular, so register today! For more information, see our program guide.

One Year to an Organized Financial Life, by Regina Leeds

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How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? Have you – like most - veered off course? If you need a source of motivation, check out One Year to an Organized Financial Life, by Regina Leeds.

There are some books that pepper good advice with hokey anecdotes. This isn’t one of them. Instead, every page – really, every page! – includes several sensible, practical tips. One could certainly follow it week by week, but there’s no need. It’s organized so that anyone can readily find relevant information, whether it’s as basic as evaluating your relationship with money, or as complex as playing the stock market.

One Year to an Organized Financial Life is simple, straightforward, and packed (and I use that term deliberately!) with useful information. No pictures, anecdotes, or “filler” material. Check it out today!

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