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Here at the Calgary Public Library, it’s our pleasure to answer millions(!) of your questions every year. Some are easy, and others require a whole lot of collective noodle scratching.

One place that we always make sure we search is our own list of best websites.

Our expert librarians have compiled a list of websites that are reputable, current, authoritative, and free to use. As well, we’ve “tagged” the websites with a number of keyword descriptors, so that you can search the list easily, and intuitively.

If you’ve got a question about business, careers, health, or any other topic, check out the websites that we’ve compiled for you.

From our homepage, select e-library, and then the red hyperlink named “Best Websites”. Search by tag bundles on the right hand side.

If you like what you see, you’ll be glad to know that you can store your own favourites online, just like we do. Check out the website, Delicious, and start storing your favourite websites remotely.


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