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Throw Mama ON the Train!

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

A recent article in the Calgary Herald noted that many Calgary seniors are concerned about public transportation. They’re not the only ones! Plenty of Calgarians, young and old, want to see more frequent bus service, improved safety, and so on.

Sure, Calgary’s public transportation system isn’t perfect. We don’t have LRT service to our airport, and lengthening our existing LRT lines is a time-consuming, expensive and sometimes controversial undertaking.

But, while the city makes long-range plans, we can at least use what we’ve got.

First, tell the seniors in your life about our free programs. We’ve got a variety of programs for all ages, as well as programs specifically for seniors. Visit our Seniors Resource Fair, join a book club, or meet other seniors for coffee and conversation. Learn how to plan for retirement or play with a Wii! Register online, by calling 260-2600, or by visiting the branch of your choice. Then, throw mama on the C-train!

Our Shawnessy branch is at the end of the Somerset line. It’s only a 5 minute walk from the Somerset station.

Our Louise Riley branch is just across the street from the Lion’s Park station.

Our Central library is only minutes from both Olympic Plaza and City Hall stations.

Visit our website for a complete list of our branches and the bus routes that serve them.

For program information, click here.


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by Cassandra
That insight would have saved us a lot of efrfot early on.

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