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Calgary, the Cultural Capital?

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

I was recently asked to write a blog post about Calgary’s bid to be the 2012 cultural capital of Canada.

Wait. Calgary? The cultural capital of Canada?! What about our big three – Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver?

There are plenty of reasons why Calgary is poised to become Canada’s cultural capital – and why 2012 is the perfect year for us to make a bid. Let me share a few that excite me.

Firstly, there will be several Centennial celebrations in 2012. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that 2012 will be the Centennial year of the Calgary Public Library! It’s only 2010 and already we’re planning exciting events to get the whole city celebrating. The Calgary Stampede will also celebrate its Centennial in 2012. The Stampede is unarguably the biggest party of the year, and its hundredth anniversary is sure to draw both locals, and visitors from all over the world!

Calgary has a young, well educated populous. It’s also experiencing growth because of the many newcomers who choose to “put down roots” here. This combination of higher education and cultural diversity is sure to foment culture! And with a civic election looming, we can vote for the candidates who are just as enthusiastic about arts and culture as we are!

I’m excited to shake off our “cowboy” reputation and show Canada (and the world!) that Calgary is a hotbed of intellectual pursuit, artistic accomplishment, and all-things-cultural.

Bring on the food, dance, theatre, performance, music, lectures, exhibits, festivals, costumes and gatherings!

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by Katherine

Thanks for your comment! Can't argue with you about Quebec!

by Chris Peter

I believe the time has come to broach the elephant in the room which is the genuine Cultural Inferiority of the majority of Albertans and the Petrostate they would impose on Canada. What do these upstart newly wealthy know of Racine, Balzac or Flaubert? How many plays by Moliere could they name? Have they ever thrilled to the mathematical inevitability of the fugue in a Bach organ masterpiece? How many cathedrals have they visited in their nasty, brutish and materialistic lives? They should have their noses severely rubbed in their ignorance and be sentenced to a tour of cultural paradise that is Quebec and the ecological paradise that they are attempting to despoil with their Tar Sands pipeline.

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