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Split Happens!

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

It’s now common knowledge that almost 50% of Canadian marriages end in divorce.

There are all sorts of explanations for this statistic, including biological, psychological, and economic. Whether through infidelity, a mutual parting of ways, or the realization that people 30 years into a marriage are not who they were on their wedding night, “split happens”.

This point was made especially clear to me when I recently attended my 10-year high school reunion to find that several of the people there had already been married and divorced!

If you’re facing the divorce process, you’re not alone!

Join us at the Central Library on Tuesday December 7th, for Law at Your Library: Separation and Divorce, presented by Calgary Legal Guidance. Learn about the legal issues and processes of separation and divorce in Alberta.

The Dirt on Detox

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Last year, I gave in to the trend and subjected my body to the daunting “Master Cleanse”. I would lose weight, feel better, rid my body and mind of a host of nasty accretions, and possibly even thwart cancer cells. After reading a variety of literature and visiting an organic grocery, I was ready.

With nearly 30 organic Meyer lemons, a bottle of pure maple syrup, and lots of cayenne pepper, I was ready to detoxify.

Two weeks (and by “two weeks”, I mean 11 and a half days) later, I didn’t see any improvement.

Did I do something improperly? Quit too soon? Or, could it be that cleansing is bunk?

I’m not ready to dismiss detoxing outright. After all, cleansing and fasting are important aspects of many religious and spiritual traditions. Surely there must be some benefit?

If you’re curious about cleansing and detoxing, then join us December 8th at Central or December 2nd at Country Hills, when naturopathic doctor Gayle Maguire will give a presentation entitled “The Dirt on Detox”. Arm yourself with more education on the how, why, and what to avoid in a cleanse.

Sam Harris is Back!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Sam Harris is a philosopher and a neuroscientist. In The End of Faith, he writes emphatically and convincingly about the dangers of religious faith. Letter to a Christian Nation is his follow-up, and it is Harris’s response to the thousands of letters and responses that The End of Faith provoked. Now, Harris is back, but his focus has changed. In The Moral Landscape, he aims to convince you that we can figure out morality using scientific methods and principles. Sound like a mammoth task? An unlikely one? One that’s long overdue?

Check out The Moral Landscape today!

Blah, Blah Blog!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Everyone can be his or her own press these days. Blogs make it incredibly easy to tell the world about your passions, your business, or the underwhelming fruit cup that came with your breakfast. Ranging from essential reading to utterly trivial, there are blogs for every kind of person, and for every interest.

The wonderful thing about blogs is that they can act as a hub from which to operate your business. They serve as repositories of your musings (or expert advice!) while they can also provide pictures, links, calendars, and your contact information. Include the url to your blog on your business card or link it to your Facebook profile!

There are tons of new books coming out about blogging. Whether you’re looking to establish yourself as an online expert, or you’re solely interested in making money, there are tons of creative ways to make it happen.

Check out our collection today! And while you're at it, check out some of our blogs!

Worth Your Salt - dedicated to food, recipes, tips, and cookbooks.

Eco-Action - read about Calgary Public Library's green initiatives.

Movie Maniacs - a blog for film buffs and all things cinematic.


Going Against the Grain

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

It is estimated that tens of thousands of Canadians are gluten intolerant. This means that foods which contain gluten (such as pastas and breads) cause a host of ailments, from cramping and bloating to ...well, I’ll spare you the gory gastronomic details.

If you are gluten intolerant, or suspect you might be, then check out our awesome collection of wheat-free cookbooks.

We’ve got hundreds of books dedicated to beans, lentils, potatoes, corn, rice and more!

Our collection truly does have something for everyone. Browse and find recipes for vegan, diabetic or kosher diets. Or, browse according to region: Japanese, Italian, Indian, Mexican, and many more!

Be sure to read our food blog, too!


Losing My Cool, by Thomas Chatterton Williams

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

What are the effects of hip-hop immersion on a young black mind? How can we navigate issues of identity and find who we really are, outside of our peer group? Can parents influence their children without employing overt means of controlling them?

I loved Losing My Cool. It’s a memoir by a young black man who evolves from a hip-hop loving and somewhat cloistered youth to one who studies philosophy and abandons ‘hood aspirations for the life of the mind. Along the way, new friendships are established as old ones atrophy, and the freedom of undergraduate life replaces the relative conformity required in high school. I found one of the sharpest insights towards the end of the book, when Williams begins to appreciate the difference between being “of” hip-hop culture, and being “into” hip-hop culture. He concludes that those blacks who are into hip-hop but not “of” it can see hip-hop ironically; see how distanced the concerns of the street are from the priorities within their own lives. Those who take hip-hop seriously and without irony (and to the exclusion of all else!) can become trapped by its hollow pursuits, and slaves to its materialistic ethic.

Not only is this memoir about Williams’s own evolution, but it’s a loving tribute to his father, whose stoic presence looms large in the narrative.

Emotional, probing, and very insightful! This was a great and unique read.

Suggest it to the philosopher, son, father, or gangsta in your life!

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