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The Dirt on Detox

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Last year, I gave in to the trend and subjected my body to the daunting “Master Cleanse”. I would lose weight, feel better, rid my body and mind of a host of nasty accretions, and possibly even thwart cancer cells. After reading a variety of literature and visiting an organic grocery, I was ready.

With nearly 30 organic Meyer lemons, a bottle of pure maple syrup, and lots of cayenne pepper, I was ready to detoxify.

Two weeks (and by “two weeks”, I mean 11 and a half days) later, I didn’t see any improvement.

Did I do something improperly? Quit too soon? Or, could it be that cleansing is bunk?

I’m not ready to dismiss detoxing outright. After all, cleansing and fasting are important aspects of many religious and spiritual traditions. Surely there must be some benefit?

If you’re curious about cleansing and detoxing, then join us December 8th at Central or December 2nd at Country Hills, when naturopathic doctor Gayle Maguire will give a presentation entitled “The Dirt on Detox”. Arm yourself with more education on the how, why, and what to avoid in a cleanse.


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