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Black History Month: The Big O (part two)

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

No, not that Big O. I mean Oprah. As in Oprah Winfrey, media mogul and self-made gazillionaire.

I recently borrowed the book CD Oprah: A Biography, by Kitty Kelley, and listened to it with surprise and intrigue. Apparently, there’s a whole lot more to Oprah than the glossy guru might let on. The impoverished background to which Oprah alludes may not be entirely accurate, and what about those rumours regarding Gayle King? What’s Stedman’s role in Oprah’s life, and why is Oprah so secretive about certain aspects of her past? Before her television network, philanthropic ventures, and mega-stardom, Oprah led a very different (lonely and drug feuled?!) life. Read more about it in Kelley’s (full disclosure: unauthorized) biography.

If you’re not prepared to have your mental image of Oprah besmirched, then skip the biography and stick with materials that maintain her near-saintly image. Check out some of our resources:

Love your Life! O's Handbook for your Best Today - and Tomorrow, by Oprah Winfrey

Dream Big! O's Guide to Discovering your Best Life, by Oprah Winfrey

To Oprah with Love: A Tribute, by Paul Natkin

February is Black History Month. Find out more by visiting your local library branch!


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