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Knapp Chat

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A customer started a chat with me today (you know that you can chat online with us, right?), in order to ask if she could place a hold on a book by Caroline Knapp. Interestingly enough, I’m reading a book by that same author right now.

My customer had read Pack of Two, a title I have yet to read, and Drinking: A Love Story, which I’ve read and reviewed. I told her that I, too, had read Drinking, but that I preferred the title I was reading right now: Appetites: Why Women Want.

Check out Caroline Knapp’s writing, if you haven’t already. She writes beautifully and bravely about her struggles (mainly with alcoholism and anorexia, but family relationships, too) and she is unflinchingly honest about the frightening terrain in the dark realms of her psyche.

I’m really enjoying Appetites: Why Women Want. It’s described as an anorexia memoir, but it’s much more complex than a simple recounting of what was eaten (or not) and how many pounds were shed. Knapp explores desire as it relates to food, cultural zeitgeist, mothering, and body image. I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder (unless “unrelenting nocturnal potato chip addiction” has finally made it into the DSM 4...) but readers don’t have to have any familiarity with eating disorders to enjoy this book. Simply put, if you are a woman and have a body, Appetites: Why Women Want will very likely resonate with you. Place a hold today!

Pack of Two

Drinking: A Love Story

Appetites: Why Women Want

In the Mob

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Flash mobs: Individuals suddenly congregate to stage a protest, perform a dance routine, buy a certain type of product, or anything else, and then just as suddenly, they disperse and become individuals again. Flash mobs are difficult to control and nearly impossible to predict, but with the ubiquity of smart phones, they’re fairly easy to organize. Have you ever taken part in a flash mob?

CPL’s Youth Advisory Council is organizing a flash mob, and we want you to take part! You don’t have to be a youth, or flashy, or in the mob. You just have to be willing to come out and participate! Join us at 7 PM in the John Dutton theatre at the Central Library, on Monday March 26th, to help us plan the event.

And in the mean time, check out the facebook event listing.

Everly Therapy

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I lost my i-pod and I’m really upset about it. A perfectly curated archive of podcasts, a playlist of “guilty pleasures” that I would never admit I listen to, and a bunch of other sonic delights: all gone.

So, heartbroken, I visited the 1st floor of the Central library, to pan the CD collection for some new gold. I borrowed 3 Bob Dylan discs (Best of the 60s, Best of the 70s and Greatest Hits), and some “best of” albums by Carly Simon, Paul Simon, and Marvin Gaye. I found two Thievery Corporation albums – “It Takes a Thief” and “Versions”, which are both fantastic, and on a whim, the best of Pet Shop Boys ended up in my basket. But my favourite by far is the oldest recording of the bunch – The Everly Brothers’ Greatest Hits.

These songs are familiar to me because my dad had a penchant for the oldies. The 50s and 60s were the soundtrack to my early years, even though I grew up in the 80s. But I didn’t appreciate those old tunes then, like I do now. The Everly Brothers have incredible harmony, and as one of my colleagues pointed out, the melodies are simple but the harmonies are much more complex.

Give the Everly Brothers a chance, and you’ll see they stand the test of time. Place a hold online, or visit your local library branch and check out the music collection.

I guess I’m starting to perk up about the lost pod. But for now, I’ll do my crying in the rain...


At the Risk of Repeating Myself...

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I’ve given countless tours to library customers and by now, I must have mentioned Newspaper Direct Press Display hundreds of times. But, I never tire of mentioning it because customers' reactions are so great – usually something like: “Oh, wow! I didn’t know this even existed!”

If you have a library card, you have access to the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun every day, along with hundreds of other papers from around the world.

I’ve mentioned it in tours, blogged about it, and shown it to customers who approach the information desk. Check it out at your local library, from a smart phone, or at home.

Start at our homepage, and click on the E-library link. Select Newspapers & Magazines, then Newspaper Direct Press Display. Have your library card handy, because you’ll need it to log in.

At the top right corner of the page, there’ll be a link to “select title”. Use this link to find the paper of your choice. Articles can be e-mailed, translated, posted to facebook, “tweeted” and so on. There are even citation tools, in case you’re going to mention the article in an essay or report.

If you need assistance you can call us at (403) 260-2782, or start a chat with us, from our homepage.

Enjoy, news junkies!

Happy International Women's Day!

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Celebrate International Women’s Day by joining us in our John Dutton theatre for a discussion of how women are creating strong and vibrant communities.

This year, in solidarity with feminists throughout the world (men included!), I give to you a list of some of my recent favourites: writing about women and women’s sexuality.

Self Made Man: One Woman’s Journey into Manhood and Back Again, by Norah Vincent. An interesting examination of the pressures confronting men, from a lesbian point of view. Crass, funny, and insightful, even though the project of chronicling a year as a man was based on deception.

My Secret Garden: Women’s Sexual Fantasies, by Nancy Friday. This book had enormous impact when it was first published, and it’s still popular today. Read it for titillation, of course, but also to realize that you’re perfectly normal and that your fantasies are, too.

The Sexual Life of Catherine M, by Catherine Millet. I included this book here not because of the graphic sexual descriptions it contains, but because it’s a reflection of one woman’s choices. It’s not just sex but choice that’s important to feminism. The choice to marry or not, have children or not, have multiple (and concurrent!) sexual partners or not, and so on. Millet lives life on her own terms.

Our Bodies, Ourselves, by Boston Women's Health Book Collective. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention this classic. It's been informing women about their bodies for over 4 decades!

Your local library has all sorts of resources about women’s sexuality: relationships, sexual health, gay/lesbian/trans/queer issues, sexual education and pregnancy, and lots more! Learn to create more safety, intimacy and pleasure in your sexual routines. Learn about who’s doing what to whom, and how.

The Calgary Public Library has resources for everything you’re into!

ESL Volunteers make a difference

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Here are the lovely Memorial Park ESL Conversation Club volunteers in action.

From left to right: Ida, Marianna, Sudha, Salik, and Glenn

Thank you for helping English learners improve their skills!

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