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A 'Living Library' Book Talks

by Christine P - 0 Comment(s)

Living Library gives readers an opportunity to borrow a person or “living book”. Volunteers, who are the living books, share stories about their personal experiences of diversity in a safe and welcoming environment.

Here is one of our book's perspective on why they volunteer at the Library:

I like volunteering simply because it's in the family. I was raised in Winnipeg where my parents set a strong example. They never talked about it; they just did it. In the various places I've lived outside of Canada volunteering has helped me to meet people in need as well as those who help . I learned from each and every one of them.

My favorite part of volunteering in Calgary is meeting so many "new" Canadians; I can sympathize with many of them and the challenges of their new way of life and language. I think the library is an ideal place for them to learn, seek and receive help.


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