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the thing you think you cannot do

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

I just finished reading a great book by American war veteran and psychiatrist, Gordon Livingston. It’s called the thing you think you cannot do: thirty truths about fear and courage. I didn’t pick it up because I’m a particularly fearful person; in fact, I’m not sure why, given its relatively humdrum cover, I picked it up at all. But it spoke to me.

Livingston writes in a clear and accessible way, about some of the most difficult issues we face. How should we live in a world that is manifestly unfair, sometimes violent, and haunted by our impending deaths? What is real courage and who can we identify as heroic? Where do love, humour and hope factor into the equation? This short but very worthwhile read - peppered with quotes from everyone from Hillel to Nietzsche - is sure to make you think.

Here is my favourite quote, by Rumi: Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. It doesn’t represent the tone of the whole book, but there’s something about the imperative to destroy one’s own reputation that I think is fantastic.

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by Anonymous

Here's to Bravery!

by Amber Leigh (HBR) Keen

So if one potentially has never had any sort of reputation in the first place for which to destroy does that make them SUPER fantastic? I think all the reputationless people of the world should unite in a sort of revolution. I'll design the chants. I'm thinking anything as simple as, "Say no to reputations today!" to maybe even "Reputations are repetitive and repetition is boring!” ..anyone want in? :D

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