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Fresh! Music Scores at the Library

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Best of Eric Clapton: a step-by-step break down of his playing techniqueAre you an amateur musician? Perhaps you've decided to learn to play the harmonica or the ukulele. Maybe you're looking for some fun sing-along music to play at the lake during that hot summer vacation. Calgary Public Library has a wonderful collection of music scores. Our score collection covers the full range of musical genres including folk, jazz, blues, classical and good old fashioned rock and roll.

We have a wide range of instructional scores including material for the very beginner, such as "Play Guitar in 10 Easy Lessions: a simple structured approach to learning guitar" or, for the musician wanting to advance their skills, scores such as "The Best of Eric Clapton: a step-by-step break down of his playing technique".

Campfire SongsWe also have a great selection of scores for your favorite musicals, movies and television programmes, including "Titanic: piano selections", "Anne of Green Gables: song album" or "More Songs From Glee".

Whether you're a pianist exploring the classical repertoire, or whether you're looking for music for your wedding or your favorite Disney songs to share with your child, whether you're a singer in a choir or just wanting to take a trip down memory lane with well loved rock songs there is a score for you at the Library. By far the most comprehensive music score collection is at the Central Library on the main floor.

As for the trip to the lake this summer, sitting by a fire on the beach roasting marshmallows, check out "Campfire Songs: lyrics and chords to more than 100 sing-along favorites."


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