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A Stellar Volunteer!

by Christine Pinkney - 0 Comment(s)

“Ella is so kind.”

“Ella is super-positive.”

“She is soooo nice.”

These are a few of the rave reviews that youth volunteer Ella Li has received lately. Animated and light-hearted, Ella has an easy laugh that brightens the room.

In Summer 2009 Ella joined the Calgary Public Library volunteer team and she’s been brightening up program rooms and computer labs ever since! Ella heard about the Library’s volunteer programs from her friend Zoey and thought it would be “a very good chance to experience something new”. As a Computer Buddy, Ella helps younger buddies develop computer skills. Through fun projects and activities, they practice safe Internet searching and Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Ella says, “I love to be around children, especially the energetic ones. Watching them laugh makes me really fulfilled.”

In Summer 2010 Ella tried out another program. “I really enjoy the ESL Teen Talk program. I met lots of new people, they are really fun and nice to be around. Once we played a game [that] involved earning points. I remember my group was scared to answer the hard questions at first, but after half an hour we were all in a really hyper mood. Even the most quiet people raised their hands to answer. We couldn't wait to answer the next question. Everybody was so involved, because we all worked together.” All that teamwork was for the best – her team won the game, and became better friends too.

Ella has many interests, including badminton, tennis, art, calligraphy, and guitar. Besides volunteering with the Calgary Public Library she has also volunteered helping young children at Chinese school.

Thank you, Ella, for bringing laughter and fun to the Library’s youth volunteer programs!


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