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"Friending" my Dad

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Something completely unexpected happened a while ago. A “friend request” appeared on my facebook page, from my father. Really?! My dad is on facebook?! I’ll have to rethink just how candid my online persona is going to be...

There are hundreds of millions of facebook users throughout the world, and facebook is only one of many social media tools. Find out more about them by joining us at our weekly TechKnow Tuesdays sessions. Every Tuesday at the Central Library, from 12:15 – 12:45, we provide brief overviews of these tools. Use them to find friends and likeminded individuals, or to play games, plan events, share news and photos, and lots more. The power of social media is now indisputable; children will grow up with these tools and never be able to imagine why, in days gone by, people would ever have limited themselves to a pathetic home phone. In fact, proficiency with these social media tools will soon become a necessity, and failure to use them (or at least understand how they are used) will be regarded as a type of illiteracy. So, drop in and learn more!

Today, June 21st, we’ll be featuring twitter. Check out some others, too:

Facebook, July 19

LinkedIn, August 2

Twitter, August 30

Click here for a complete list of our programs!


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