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by Christine P - 7 Comment(s)

Filza is one of the newest additions to our team of youth volunteers and we are very happy to have her! She began volunteering just over a month ago and has since been hooked; in just a short period of time she has been involved with CyberSeniors Connect, Computer Buddies and ESL Teen Talk.

Filza enjoys volunteering because it gives her the opportunity to communicate with members of the community. “The greatest part of volunteering is that you are able to interact with a diverse group of participants and are able to help the community strive to accomplish a goal.”

Over spring break Filza volunteered for ESL Teen Talk, a program where youth English language learners can practice their language skills while enjoying conversation, fun activities and interaction with peer volunteers. She obviously enjoyed her time: “In the ESL Teen Talk program it was amazing how there were people from eleven different countries gathered into one room. Despite our differences we were all able to unite as a collective group and were successfully able to interact and make friends. This program is unlike any other in the sense that a bond was created among the group. My favorite part is that the volunteers and the participants are not only comfortable in sharing one and others ideas, but are also encouraging and appreciating each other.”

If you are interested in learning more about our youth volunteer opportunities click here.


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by Minah Raza

Well done FILZA!

by Allia

You're super talented! Keep inspiring us!

by Sana

CONGRATULATIONS PHILLY!!!!!!! <3 Good going girl! :D

by Glo Cho
Wow Filza! :DD whoooooooooooooooooot! Keep up the goood work! =DD
by Yig
You Go Girl !
by Mohsin Ali
That is awesome I am really proud of you!
by Anonymous
Great work filza!

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