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Turn Your Pennies Into Books

by Shannon C - 0 Comment(s)

PenniesWe asked for your pennies – and pennies we've received – over 300,000 of them and counting! The pennies will go to new books and resources for our library branches, through the Calgary Public Library Foundation's Collections Endowment Fund. Thank you Calgary, for your support!

In addition to pennies, we've also received:

  • Mexican pesos
  • Euros
  • UK pennies
  • a New Zealand 10 cent piece
  • a Pilipinas 25 sentimo
  • Cineplex game tokens and Klondike Days dollars (!)
  • Plus, some nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies, twoonies, and even some bills once in a while

It's been great to see how people have responded to our request:

  • A family who are creating a penny floor in their house brought us $50 in pennies they weren't using.
  • A senior's residence is collecting pennies for the Library and has challenged other senior's residences to do the same. 
  • A Scotiabank near Alexander Calhoun Library is collecting pennies to go specifically towards the Calhoun branch. We don't even see those pennies—they send us a bank draft when they have a good amount!

If you have pennies you'd like to transform into books for your Library, drop by your local branch and pick up a Penny Bag.



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