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Welcome to Zinio

by Laura C - 9 Comment(s)

Calgary Public Library cardholders now have access to over 350 digital magazine subscriptions with Zinio.

NO check out limits! NO loan periods! NO waiting for holds! NO fines!

FREE with your library card!

Read the magazine on your PC or download the app to your Mobile Device or Tablet. Checkout and Keep as many digital magazines as you want for as long as you want. Share interesting articles with your Facebook following. Bookmark articles to read later or, Print off articles, pictures, recipes, or crafts from special interest magazines.

Getting Started in 5 Steps:

 To use Zinio you need two Zinio accounts.


  1. Log into CPL's Zinio collection with your library card number and password.
  2. Create a CPL Zinio account by clicking Create New Account and fill in all the fields.
  3. Select a magazine by cliking on its cover. Click Checkout. Click Start Reading.
  4. A screen will open. Click Create a account.
  5. Fill in the fields, using the SAME email address and password as before. Click Register.
Check out digital magazines at Calgary Public Library

Getting more out of it!

  • Browse and checkout magazines from the CPL Zinio collection. You can choose from 350+ magazine subscription titles offered free from the Calgary Public Library.
  • Once you've checked out a magazine, you use the website, or mobile app to download and read the magazines. Make sure that you use the SAME email address for both yourCPL Zinio and accounts.
  • If you are leaving the city and want to bring a digital magazine with you, download the magazine to your mobile device before you travel to ensure you have continued access to them.
  • Talk to a Library staff member to find out more!

We hope you're as excited as we are about this product! Please, give it a try and let us know what you think!

Find us on Twitter and Facebook.


Contact us using Info Chat, call 403-260-2600 or send us an email.

Zinio at Calgary Public Library


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by Shannon C

Hi Patrick,

Have you created two accounts -- a CPL Zinio Library account and the account? Double check that first. (See this post for more details).

If you need more assistance please please use Infochat on our homepage, or call us at 403-260-2600 or email centralinformationservice [at]

by Shannon C

Hi Devika,

You'll need to set up two Zinio accounts -- a CPL Zinio Library account and a account. Use the same email address for both accounts. If you're using an iPad, checkout a magazine using the CPL Zinio account, then when it says "Start Reading" go to the Zinio app and log in (using that same email address). Select "Read" and you'll see your checked out magazines. Hope that helps!

If you have more questions please use Infochat on our homepage, or call us at 403-260-2600 or email centralinformationservice [at]

by Devika Kashyap

How do i link the zinio app to my cpl access. I have see up my accounts but cannot read on tablet outside of the app as I don't have flash on my tablet (nexus and iPad). I tried to log in with my account info but only get previews.

by Patrick

It's not working for me.... I've created account...used the library card log in....And it keeps saying my email doesn't match password in Zinio's records...

by Shannon

Hi Carla,

To use Zinio you need to create two Zinio accounts — a CPL Zinio account and a account.

The "Create a New Account" link appears in the top-right corner of the CPL Zinio page (where you choose which magazines you want to check out). Once you've created your account and checked out a magazine you'll be directed to the page in a new tab. Look for the "Create a account" link in this new box. Need more help? Call us at 403-260-2600 or chat with us online via Infochat on our homepage!

by Shannon

Hi Amy, Our Zinio subscription includes as many great magazines as possible — over 350 of them, but some publishers decide not to make their magazines available for library users in Zinio for Libraries. If you don't see the one you like, it's most likely because the publisher hasn't made it available to library users. That includes magazines from the Rogers Publishing Group such as: Maclean's, Canadian Business, Chatelaine, Flare, Flare Trend Report, L’actualité, Loulou, Maclean’s University Guide, MoneySense and Today’s Parent.

by Carla Watson

This looks great but I cannot find the place to Create a new account. Help!

by Amy

I don't see the titles I like. Will new titles be added?

by Gord N

Fantastic! Thank You!

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