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The Biography of Math

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)


a) Rustic Italian pasta

b) A variant of athlete’s foot

c) Inventor of the Fibonacci sequence

All of the answers above are incorrect, although if you chose “c”, you’re pretty close. Actually, Fibonacci didn’t invent the sequence at all. Rather, he discovered its use across the ancient Near East and in India, as he travelled with his father, who was a merchant.


a) Mathematician

b) Philosopher

c) Vegetarian

You’re correct if you chose any or all of the above. ‘Pythagoras the mathematician’ gets all the glory, but there are many other sides to this figure. He was a wandering philosopher and also a vegetarian! Who knew?

Mathematics is much more than just formulae. It is a human product, and as such, has its own history of development. How did the concept of zero become invented? When did Roman numerals stop being used? Which society first used the decimal? Search our catalogue to learn more about how it all happened! We've also got math text books, The Key study guides, and past Diploma Exams!



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