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The website, Delicious, is a replacement for the list of favourites that you may have compiled and saved on your desktop. Rather than having to use your own computer to access those favourites, your list (and ours!) is web-based, so that it can be accessed from any computer.

Each website that you save is “tagged” with keyword descriptors, i.e. a list of words that are associated with it. For instance, the website may be tagged with “CBC”, “news”, “Canadian”, etc. The best part is that you determine the tags (PS – you belong at the library if you're thrilled at the prospect of indexing according to your own terms!).

Why not check out the sites that Calgary Public Library has deemed “delicious”? Our expert librarians compile only what’s current, accessible, and reputable.

From our homepage, select “e-library” and then “Best websites”. Once our “delicious” page opens, you can browse our list of recommended websites, or choose the tags that are of interest to you, from a list on the right hand side.



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