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News to Me (and YOU)!

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Whenever I deliver Career Tours, I always make sure to tell participants that a Calgary Public Library card allows them to read both the Calgary Herald and the Calgary Sun – every day, and online.

From our homepage, choose e-library and then Newspaper Direct Press Display. Long name, amazing tool!

Newspaper Direct Press Display is a database that’s full of daily newspapers from around the world. Best of all: it’s very(!) interactive. If you read an article that you think you might want to return to, you’ve got the option to print or e-mail the article, post it on your Facebook profile or in your blog, or add it to your Delicious account. Articles can be read aloud, or translated into other languages. You can even read the paper from up to one month ago!

Are you still paying for newspaper subscriptions? Newsflash: you need to check out the Calgary Public Library!

If you’re having trouble accessing these papers, don't be afraid to call us at 260-2782, or use the new online chat feature on our website!


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