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Split Happens!

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

It’s now common knowledge that almost 50% of Canadian marriages end in divorce.

There are all sorts of explanations for this statistic, including biological, psychological, and economic. Whether through infidelity, a mutual parting of ways, or the realization that people 30 years into a marriage are not who they were on their wedding night, “split happens”.

This point was made especially clear to me when I recently attended my 10-year high school reunion to find that several of the people there had already been married and divorced!

If you’re facing the divorce process, you’re not alone!

Join us at the Central Library on Tuesday December 7th, for Law at Your Library: Separation and Divorce, presented by Calgary Legal Guidance. Learn about the legal issues and processes of separation and divorce in Alberta.


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by Russ Weninger

It's a sad part for children... even divorce now is common, I still don't like the feeling that a family is crashing down... for what reason? money, adultery, or not happy with each other, violence against women, and so much more... what most affected are the innocent children... thanks for posting anyways.

by Sandy
How neat! Is it really this silmpe? You make it look easy.

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