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Eat, Drink and Make Mayor-y!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

Calgary’s upcoming civic election will arrive at a great time – just after the Thanksgiving holiday.

By the time we’re ready to cast our ballots, we’ll have had the chance to connect with family and loved ones, and talk about the things for which we’re thankful. This frame of mind can be especially helpful as we think about creating the city we want to live in. That’s what happens when we vote; we create.

If you’re thankful for good health, then think about the kind of city that might facilitate that health. A city with bike lanes? A city with more recreation facilities?

If you’re thankful for good food, then search out the candidates who support community gardens, and municipal collection of organic and compostable waste.

Thankful for that recent vacation? Would an airport tunnel have changed or improved your trip?

Break all social rules and talk about politics at your dinner table. Share ideas and why they matter to you. Challenge your loved ones to articulate what’s important to them, and what kind of city they’d like to build.

What will Calgary’s mayoral candidates be thankful for? Your attendance at our Mayoralty Candidates Forum, from 12 – 3 on Sunday October 10th.


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