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Buying Your First Home

by Katherine - 2 Comment(s)

Amortization? Fixed versus variable? Open versus Closed?

When I recently purchased my first home, I had the help of an experienced banker, who happens to be a relative. If I didn’t have her to walk me through the process, I’m sure I would have been lost.

Don’t make the mistake of signing something you don’t entirely understand! A mortgage is one of the most important contracts you’ll ever enter into.

Join us at the Central Library on Wednesday, May 19th, for a presentation from Royal Bank and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. Find out more about mortgages, and have your questions answered!

For more information, and a full list of CPL programs, please click here.


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by Latesha
Hey, you're the goto exerpt. Thanks for hanging out here.
by Starr
Whoever edits and publhises these articles really knows what they're doing.

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