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Happy Mother's Day!

by Katherine - 0 Comment(s)

A mother is quite possibly the most influential person in one’s life.

Long before we learn to identify with friends, peers, colleagues, or anyone else, we learn to relate with mom. Indeed, the ways that our mothers manage our homes, families, and environments leave indelible marks on our personalities (and in some cases, huge lump sums in the hands of psychologists!).

Come to your local branch of the Calgary Public Library and find all sorts of resources about mothering. From pregnancy, to child development, to the teenage years and well beyond, we’ve got all sorts of materials by and for mothers, and the children who love them. Check out books and magazines about parenting. Read about the latest theories on child development through our e-library. Clap, sing, read and rhyme your way to literacy in our free storytime programs.

I’m convinced that my mother is responsible for my career at the library. Where else could I have possibly ended up working, given that she read to me while I was still in the womb!?

“A home for a bunny, a home of his own. Where would a bunny find a home? Under a rock, under a stone?”

Thanks, mom, and Happy Mother’s Day!


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