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Immigration Law

by Katherine - 1 Comment(s)

Imagine the challenge of immigrating to a new country! Different languages, customs, economic conditions, and so much more! I work with immigrants and newcomers every day, and I am constantly impressed by their courage, and inspired by their tenacity.

If you’d like to have an overview of some of the legal aspects of immigration, then join us on Monday May 31st, at 6 PM, for Law at your Library: Immigration Law.

This program, presented by Calgary Legal Guidance, will help you to learn more about Canada's Immigration and Citizenship law as it pertains to sponsorship, temporary visas, and delays.

Register online, in any library branch, or by calling (403) 260-2782.

Epilogue: why you ought to live in Canada

A friend and former ESL student recently visited my house. When she was ready to leave, she fumbled for her keys, but could not find them in her purse. She went to look in her vehicle, found that the keys were indeed inside, and that the doors had been unlocked for a number of hours. She couldn’t believe that such a situation was possible. “This is Canada!” she exclaimed. She is set to become immigrate in June, and I wish her all the very best of luck.


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by Russ Weninger

Wow, thanks for your posts! all are really a mind opener, as a lawyer we must meet the level of our clients energy and drive to get the best result... thanks

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