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October 10th is our Mayoralty Candidates Forum!

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Since I’ve started attending Toastmasters on a regular basis, I see the world through the lens of the “um / ah” counter. Every time someone addresses a crowd, I’m counting false starts, and all instances of “um”, “uh”, “like”, “you know”, and so on. I am especially excited about our upcoming Mayoralty Forum, because I’ll get the chance to check out the speaking skills of those who would be mayor of Calgary.

Are ums and uhs important in the grand scheme of civic elections? Perhaps not. Oration is an undervalued skill in the age of the sound byte. Still, the ability to think on one’s feet, and to give coherent but impromptu speeches is a skill that we can all learn, and which government representatives certainly must hone. OK, enough with the Toastmasters evangelism.

Now, here are just a few of the reasons why I’m excited about the election, and why I’m looking forward to our upcoming forum:

1) Now, voting matters. At the time of the last civic election, I was a student living at home. I’m now a homeowner and I want my taxes spent wisely and transparently.

2) I don’t have a car. And I don’t plan on buying one. I want to know how my candidates will ensure Calgary is a place where I can continue to live and work, unburdened by the necessity of having to own a vehicle.

3) Diversity! It’s so refreshing to see that the candidates are not exclusively white Anglo-Saxon men.

There are tons of other reasons why I’m excited about this election, and why you should be, too! Meet your candidates on Sunday October 10th, 12 – 3 PM, at the John Dutton Theatre (Central Library), and get excited about casting your vote on the 18th! I’ll be there. So will CBC. Will you?

For more information about the forum, please click here.

For information about all of our upcoming programs, please click here.


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